When I say girls weekend, it’s easy to immediately think of wine tours or a wild Vegas getaway. Just a bunch of women needing to blow off steam and escape their partners or kids for a few days.

Umbrella drinks for everyone! 

My first girl’s weekend was two years ago with my friends Alice Clayton, Shauna Glenn and Nina Bocci. We all flew into Orlando, booked a swanky room at Disney, played all day at the parks, and then spent every night in our pajamas, spread across our rooms, eating piles of room service and…. writing.

You see, I enjoy a very different brand of girl’s weekend. The kind of weekend where brilliant women come together to pool their ideas and thoughts, and then work together to reach our own individual goals or deadlines.

My book is due in about a month. So if you don’t see me for a while or catch me out in public mumbling nonsense without a bra on, that’s why. It’s stressful and hard and I feel like I’ve hit a creative wall.

So, I called up three friends, women I know who are also stressed with work projects and deadlines. Rachel and Meredith were up to their eyeballs in social media campaigns to design, Jess was reworking all of Camp Throwback, and I had this whole book thing going on. We needed a change of scenery and some collective inspiration, so we planned ourselves a girl’s weekend in Columbus, Ohio, a midpoint for us all.We booked a fancy suite at a hotel, made a few dinner reservations, tossed all our work in a suitcase, and hit the road.


Obviously, I’m a brilliant packer.

We met at the Nationwide Hotel, dropped our bags on the beds, and headed out for a little bit of fun before we got to work.

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know our first stop was to the tattoo parlor, and you can check out the live videos I’ve posted on my wall! This is something I’ve been tossing around in my head for a while, a piece of ink that accurately captures where I am in my life right now.

“A rising tide raises all ships.”


And thankfully, I had a couple women with me who feel the exact same way. We are not here to compete with each other, or step on each other so that we, ourselves, rise up higher. We’re here to make sure we all get a spot on the platform. We’re here to raise the tide.


Don’t get it twisted, these are not best friend tattoos. These boats are symbols of a promise we’re making to ourselves and to women. Our best friend “necklace” is putting that into action.

We then ate plates and plates of sushi, wandered around Target, and geeked out at Best Buy for hours, until we felt full of fun and hungry to get to work.


P.S. Ever since Erin Condren made all her planner covers removable to swap out with new ones, I’ve been in planner hell everytime I put my planner in my bag and the cover comes off, trashing all my pages. AT LAST! I’ve found a new one that I’m OBSESSED with! My “I Am Very Busy” ban.do planner is the tits, and I can’t reccomend them enough.

Girls weekend

Do you have any idea how inspiring it is to sit in a giant fluffy bed and write next to 3 women just killing it right beside you; to bounce ideas off of them, have them right there to edit or proofread, and then do the same in return? I am more creative and productive when I’m in this kind of space. My brain fucking thrives on it.


I know I am lucky. I know I am hashtag blessed. I am thankful to have women like this in my life because cheerleaders are a rare breed, but they shouldn’t be. If you are looking for a girl gang, we’re always accepting members. Raise the tide.

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