Remember the television console that almost killed me?

Thanks to copious amounts of help from Andy and my mom, I was able to finish it, but out of principal, I gave it the silent treatment the whole entire time.

It actually wasn’t the only thing I purchased that day. I also left with a headboard and an old dresser, but neither of them got an in-person salute from my colon by way of my belly button hole.

In terms of my hernia and muscle strain, I am still in “mend” mode. I had a CT done to check the extent of the hernia and to look for muscle tears, but as long as I lay low, stop lifting things, and not wear jeans (okay, this last one is my idea, but seriously, jeans hurt me right now), I can temporarily avoid surgery and should be healthy and comfortable enough to drag my kids through Disney World in 4 days. Andy says God is punishing me for being an old furniture hoarder and trying to buy things while my husband is out of town because he would totally disapprove.

He obviously doesn’t understand that my God is an HGTV-obsessed feminist who is totally okay with wives buying things without their husband’s permission because we aren’t in Mad Men times.

So, after two weeks of standing in the garage in my dad’s oversized sweatpants, three pieces are finished, and two rooms in my house are complete.

The Living Room

Ah yes, the demon console. Comparable pieces from Pottery Barn start around $600. I bought this solid maple cabinet at a consignment store for $70.

tv conole before

I sanded it, removed the outer two doors because I love the exposed shelves for books and knick-knacks, painted it an antique cream in satin, and replaced the hardware.

Tv Console Refurbish

I also had a really cheesy wood side table I picked up at a garage sale two summers ago for $5, so I sanded that sucker down as well, and used the same paint and hardware to compliment the console.

My living room is dark, with irritating hunter green carpet that makes my insides hurt, but carpet is expensive and it’s not a priority right now. But the new pieces totally help brighten things up.

Living Room Redesign

Side Table Lamp: Mustard Base, Walmart. Shade, Target.
Moosehead: Tillie & Tweedle, Etsy
Floral Vases: Anthropologie

The Bedroom

If you look really closely to the before picture of the tv console, you’ll see part of a giant wooden headboard (scored for only $15). We’ve been on the hunt for a headboard for a really long time because Andy thinks intercourse is better with headboards, and frankly, I just wanted something to keep my pillows from falling down the crack between my mattress and the wall.

I refinished the cheesy oak headboard with the same antique satin cream as above, but I didn’t put it on as thick, because I kinda like the touches of dark wood coming through. I then polyurethaned it for added protection.

Bedroom Redesign

Bedding: Mint Green Nate Berkus Bedding Set on clearance at Target right now for $28!
Art: Bird Canvases, HomeGoods
Mr. Darcy Proposal Print, Brookish, Etsy
Lord Byron ” I fell in love with you before breakfast” Mixed Media Canvas, Weatherford Texas Peach Fest & Flea Market
Marilyn Monroe Print, Bobby Zeik, Etsy
All You Need Is Love Print, Walmart
Lamps & Shades: Walmart

 And for the record, the headboard works marvelously.

What else have I accomplished?
The Best Dresser Ever
The Kids’ Rooms
The Hot Tub Office (Which has since been redesigned again, must update ASAP)

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