Prior to this exact moment, have I worn a jumpsuit? No. In the name of Gloria Gaynor, no no no.

And yet, I seek them out. I add them to my style boards and mentally pack them for events. Like when I’m on the back of a motor bike in Florence or making out with a guy who kinda looked like Ray Liotta if you squint your eyes a little in Vegas.

I bit the bullet and ordered one; ignoring that maybe they weren’t practical or flattering for plus size women. It arrived and I scoffed opening the box, unrolling the slinky fabric and pulling it up over my body like a wrestling singlet.

“This is ridiculous,” I thought. “It will probably give me a camel toe.”

I padded over to the mirror and sighed. I was billowy and light and so very sexy. It hid my lumps and flattered my waist and my boobs perfectly. I was part Sharon Stone in Casino and part Rachel McAdams in whatever movie has her glossy lipped and wandering about a farmer’s market or cliche small town festival.

Plus Size Jumpsuit

And to answer the big question, how hard is it to go to the bathroom while wearing it? I’ll answer your question with a question. Ever pull down shapewear to pee? It’s infinity percent easier than that.

Dirty Dancing Romper, size 3X, Marlie Madison
Jewelry: Gypsy Gold Collar Necklace, Personal Collection. Gold Cuff, Francescas.
Lipstick: Dior Ara Red #999

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