Curvy girls have great hair. At least I do. I mean, for so long, it was my only redeeming quality.

Well, at least she has great hair….

It’s the “but she’s got such a pretty face” of comments. Whatever, cute hair totally made women’s denim colored stretch slacks acceptable in junior high.

I have gotten lots of requests about my hair. Like, what I use in it, and how I make it do… whatever it is it does.

In fact, aside from where I get my jeans, it’s probably the most asked question on this blog.

So, I put together a tutorial for you on how to get the loose, beachy, mermaid-type waves I sport in many of my photos, because apparently, you can use webcams for more than just amateur sex videos and Google Hangouting with your friend during Degrassi The Next generation at 3am so you feel less alone eating a bag of Oreos.

Bed Head Color Goddess Shampoo & Conditioner
Bed Head Glaze Haze
OuiDad Climate Control Gel
Remington Curling Wand
Tresemme Extra Firm Hairspray

Sleeping with you hair in a scrunchie (rubber bands leave kinks) or braids (like old timey pioneer women) will hold the curl and extend your hair between washings. I can get three days out of my hair when I sleep with it in braids, plus Andy prefers to wake up without it knotted in his open mouth.

Like I mentioned in the video, this also totally works for shorter hair, just remember to use the smaller curling wand! Check out my friend Amber’s hair after I mermaid’ed it up for her last month in Florida:

Amber Mermaid Hair

She’s gorgeous and it lasted all day!

Now, once you master the mermaid wave, you can have fun playing with it, and rocking out some of my favorite styles this season.

Spring Hair Styles

The headband, which greatly decreases the chance of me murdering someone while my bangs grow out. I have a huge collection of these things, and they fulfill this deep-seated need I have to be a hippie and live on a commune, like Wanderlust but not as many orgies.

The turban, which is an easy DIY (click here to check it out) using a head scarf for when I feel the desire to channel a 50’s housewife, Elizabeth Taylor or Jambi from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. I like wearing these with tank tops and maxi skirts. People either find me ridiculous or eccentrically adorable.

The sock-bun, an entirely too-easy way to get away with not washing my hair for just one more day. Some people use sock-buns for curls, but because my hair has so many layers, they come out looking a little too bent and crappy. So instead, I just toss it up with a cute headband so people think I put effort into things.

Have hair tips? My stretchy denim pants and I want them!


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