You know how Facebook does that creepy thing where it loads your sidebar with ads that appeal to you based on your browsing history?

At first, this totally weirded me out, but then I realized it’s 2016, this is a way of life for us now, and I’ll just enjoy the personalized taco ads, cars I accidentally clicked on Auto Trader, dresses in my cart from ModCloth, and the various period supplies I read about online.

Thinx period panties have been in my sidebar for months now, but I’ve never actually pulled the trigger on them.

I am no stranger to underwear that works as a back up, as I basically live in my Dear Kates during my period or under dresses on crazy hot days, and don’t get me started on their yoga pants that save me from peeing myself at my indoor soccer games.

But, Thinx was being billed as something entirely different.

Another women created and owned company, fuck yes! But they weren’t just a back up pair of underwear… they stated that just maybe, they could be used to hold the whole thing.


But, I was kinda skeptical because I couldn’t really find a review of them online from someone who wasn’t first given a pair for free.

Not that I think the review is biased, I just happen to adore organic reviews.

This may come as a shock to you, but I’ve never been the type of blogger who just gets free shit all the time, at least not free shit I actually want.

When I Instagram, Facebook or blog about something, it’s because I’ve bought it with my own hard earned money, and loved it enough to share it with my community.

If I extra love it, I’ll follow up with the company and see if we can do something cool together because I’m such a big huge fan.

Last week I was in Florida staying with my in-laws, and one night- totally unable to sleep and feeling the start of bloat and fudge round cravings- I click through the all too familiar Facebook ad, and by the glow of my iPhone light, pulled the trigger on one pair of Thinx underwear.

I feel like we’ve gone through many evolutions of menstruation paraphernalia together here.

Tampons, soft cups, full on menstrual cups… it may seem excessive, but when you have to deal something for 3-5 days every month for the majority of your life, it’s not out of the question to be on an endless quest to make it easier.

Hence, Thinx.

I wore Thinx for 13 hours on the first heavy day of my period, but before I tell you how that went, I’m going to tell you about my period, so you have a frame of reference in regards to your own, and even though I prefer using a menstrual or soft cup, I’ll break this down via tampon to give you a better picture. I would describe my period as heavy and it lasts 3 days.

Day one is a very light warning day, usually contained with a regular thin pad.

Day two is a rapid descent into hell with a very heavy flow that requires a super tampon and a form of backup.

I change this tampon every time I go to the bathroom, because if I don’t, it feel like it’s sitting too low and starts to leak a bit.

I have no idea if this is normal, feel free to confirm or deny it in the comments, or else I’ll just keep googling and self diagnosing myself.

Day three is a medium flow day with oodles of blood clots. Again, I’ll use a regular or super tampon and a back up.

By the fourth day it all sorta goes away and I go back to only wearing pantyliners if I’m going someplace where I’ll laugh a lot or if I have a cough.

Being a woman is the best.

I ordered the Thinx hip hugger underwear, as they are the only ones designated for heavy flow days. My plan was to see if I could get by wearing JUST Thinx, and no other means of period control. No cups, pads or tampons.

The Thinx website states:

“THINX definitely eliminates the need for panty liners, and will make a great back up to your tampon or menstrual cup. Some do choose to wear THINX on its own, but no one knows your flow better than you, so you’ll be the best judge of what works!”

That sounds like a dare.

Thinx Underwear

I decided to test drive my Thinx underwear on what would be day two of my period, while tackling a whole schedule full of grocery shopping, three kids soccer games, and a night out with friends for margaritas and karaoke.

No back ups.

Only my Thinx and my favorite Old Navy compression leggings.

In the words of my friend Stacey…


Two Hours In: Okay literally the only thing that feels different about these things is that I’m on my period and I’m not actually doing anything.

I’m just walking around like normal, but when I go to the bathroom, I’m not messing with a cup or tampon, and honest to God, that’s fucking amazing.

So far, they are not really wet, and even though they are black, I don’t see too much on the crotch of the underwear. They just look like normal underwear and I’m not feeling any wetness on my body.

Four Hours In: This is a pivotal update because the scariest thing ever just happened… I sneezed.


Which isn’t a great scenario when you are on your period, ya know?

This happened at the park, in the freezing cold snow, while my two boys were playing soccer. So I had to waddle really carefully to the closest bathroom to tally the damage.

I feared the worst because they felt damp on the inside, akin to wearing a pad, but surprisingly no leaks. My leggings were completely dry and nothing was coming through.

Six Hours In: I have no blood on my pants.

And I am extra sure of this because I just got into my car at Aldi, stuck my hand down the front of my leggings and felt the front of my underwear and it was completely dry. Just ask the old man in the Mini Cooper next to me who watched the whole thing.

No blood on my hand.

They do feel moist inside, but again, it feels just like wearing a pad, except softer, because the pads always feel like plastic and give me a rash.

I will be completely honest here and say this feels like the point I would take these off and get a new pair, just for comfort sake.

But because I only have one pair of Thinx and I’m a masochist, I’m going to keep going to see if and when these things leak through.

Ten Hours In: Okay listen, by this time I was super tipsy on margaritas so my notes are a little sketch.

The important thing here, though, is that I went to the bathroom, there was no blood on my jeans, and I told a whole restroom of women how magical my underwear was.

I was in there, according to Andy who eventually came to find me assuming I was sleeping on a dirty public bathroom floor, for over 2o minutes.

It turns out, all of us hate our periods, all of us hate shoving things into our vaginas, and all of us want a silver bullet that makes it all go away.

Are Thinx that silver bullet…

The Verdict: Maybe.

After 10 hours they were definitely wet, but not leaking nor did they feel like I was sitting in a soaked diaper, which was one of my biggest concerns. It took about 5-6 hours for me to really start to feel the dampness on the inside, but again, it was similar to wearing a pad, and the outside always remained dry for me.

I think 4-6 hours is my magic number, and I plan to buy more (hopefully they come out with some more higher rise options for heavy flow), so that I can change into a new dry pair as needed. If I have a super active day, I may wear a light tampon and use these as back ups, which I know I can now do without a single worry.

So yeah, I kinda fucking love these things and whatever magic Hogwarts fabric they use inside of them.

I know, you have so many questions right now. Let me try and help you out by sharing some of the FAQ I received from my Facebook post about the experience.

1. How do they fit?

Admittedly, I am used to a way higher pair of panties come period time. My underwear comfort level is like up near the middle of my throat when I’m bloaty and bleeding.

These hiphuggers are pretty low cut, and on top of that, the top band is lace that, while stretchy and pretty, often rolls down making them sit even lower.

In terms of sizing, I ordered a 2X and these just fit me. I almost sized down because I hate baggy underwear, but thank goodness I didn’t. For my next pair I may size up to see if I have get a higher rise out of them.

2. What do they feel like?

Honestly, they feel like normal underwear. They don’t feel stiff or plasticy or like I’m wearing an adult diaper lined with plastic Target bags. The crotch is a bit thicker with layers of special fabric, but still soft and bendable.

3. But, how do they work if they feel like normal underwear?

I got this question a lot, and the answer is that I actually don’t know because I didn’t invent them. I can tell you the website outlines the process well, having to do with multiple layers of moisture wicking and capturing fabric.

4. Do they smell?

No, and trust me, I’d know.

You may remember I have an insane fear of blood and I’m highly sensitive to the smell.

5. What about clots?

Day two is a heavy clot day for me, and these worked the same as day one in terms of flow absorption, but much like wearing a pad, I found that the clots just sat on top of the underwear.

This was not gross or unexpected, so I simply wiped them off with toilet paper and tossed them into the toilet.


6. Did you try them overnight?

I did, yes. Even when I wear an overnight pad, I still sometimes have leaking depending on how I sleep, this eliminated that for me, and I had no leaks overnight.

7. How did you clean them and not vomit?

This was way more sanitary than I expected. The Thinx website says to rinse them in cold water first, then wash them cold in your machine, and hang dry. I did all these things pretty easily and none of it was disgusting.

My sink wasn’t full of blood while they were soaking.

My machine wasn’t a blood bath while washing them, it was actually really non-eventful.

8. But seriously, where the hell does the blood go!?


9. Would these be good for post partum? Incontinence? Teen girls?

Teen girls, yes! I wish I had these as a teen.

As for the other two, maybe! You’d have to try it, because I’m not you and I can’t make that call. BUT! I learned that Thinx also owns a brand of underwear especially created for incontinence called Icon, so yeah, check that out!

10. How do I get these?

I bought and paid for these myself, but you can use one of my handy referral links to get a coupon for yourself! Click here to get $10 off your pair of Thinx.

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal experience with Thinx underwear. I have no idea how these will work with your period.


While I cannot guarantee what your experience will be like at all, I’d love to hear about it, so drop me a note!

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