I’m working on a bit of a creative project this week, which usually means stress. Something I do not deal with well and usually translates to scenarios like…

Brittany eats all the food.

Brittany stays up all night writing a Jerry Maguire manifesto.

Brittany googles religious cults.

Brittany cuts her own bangs. 

But I figured I’d change it up a bit and instead channel all this exciting brain pressure into something positive and share with you, not my 3am Girl With The Dragon Tattoo bangs, but instead things that I’m currently digging the shit out of.

I Only Rap Caucasinally

I Only Rap Caucasinally Tank, Mens XL, Skreened
You can only sing Gangsta’s Paradise so many times in the car to your husband before he buys you this shirt. 


Bill Murray & Marilyn Monroe mixed media canvas paintings, BobbyZeik on Etsy
“I Fell In Love Before Breakfast.” Lord Byron, found at a Texas Flea Market
These beauties are part of a huge master bedroom remodel I am putting minimal half-assed effort into as I search for fun, eclectic pieces. 


Live From New York by Tom Shales & James Andrew Miller

I could not put this book down. It’s long, amazing, and if you are at all an SNL fan, and comedy historian, you will devour this book and ask for seconds. By far, the best book I’ve read all year. 


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