And the streak continues!

So yeah, if you’ve been following me through the years, you may already know of my complete aversion to standard store bought costumes. My mom assembled our costumes herself every year as a kid, save for my first year in preschool when she caved to peer pressure and bought me a plastic Wuzzle costume. I was part lion, part bumblebee. I was a Bumblelion.

Inter-species breeding was a totally adorable thing in the 80’s.

Thankfully, my kids seem to be completely okay with passing on the popular costumes in lieu of the DIY route, and I plan to soak this up as much as possible, even though I’m generally super lazy and frazzled and last minute. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and doing this with them has become the highlight.

Since we are currently between homes and staying at my grandpa’s, the majority of our clothing is in a storage unit that Andy has forbidden me from digging through. So, we sat down and took stock of what we had on hand, and what we might need to pull it off. A puppet. Indiana Jones. A cheerleader. On top of completely picking and assembling these costumes, the kids also helped edit their photos… for effect, God, move over mom, lemme do it.


Wyatt, a Goosebumps fanatic and overall morbid bad ass, decided he wanted to be a ventriloquist’s puppet. This was actually super easy, first buy procuring a super affordable suit and some black eyeliner for his mouth. Total cost: $30.00


Jude is mildly obsessed with Indian Jones and Steve Irwin. Also I bought him a brown felt hat from the men’s section of Target a month ago, and he hasn’t taken it off since. So with the help of the hat, some camo pants, a whip and a giant snake, Jude trekked into the woods to hit shit with his whip for a few hours. It was a blast. Total cost: $20.00


Any Buckeye worth their weight in National Championship games owns an OSU cheerleading outfit, and Gigi is no exception. So she decided to amp it up with some old school pom poms and the biggest bow she could find to be an official Ohio State Cheerleader. She’s also crazy superstitious and figures if she wears it trick or treating, we’ll beat Michigan. Total cost: $19.00

All that’s missing now are giant winter coats, wool hats and Amoxicillin for their impending bronchitis because… Halloween in Ohio.

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