La la laaaa la la.

Daria Costume

 We didn’t have our big Halloween bash this year. I’ve been injured and in a foul mood about it, plus we’re leaving for Florida tomorrow, so things just got a little too busy to properly plan a soiree.

Unfortunately, that also means that I didn’t have anywhere to don a costume to this year, except my children’s elementary school Halloween parties. So I made a last minute dash to my closet to see what I could DIY.

Turns out, 90’s cult icons are lost on second graders, and nobody realized I was even wearing a costume.

Um Jude, your mom looks mean.

Not mean, guys. Complicated. I look complicated, like, on purpose. This is a costume. But you can’t hear any of this because it’s internal 90’s monologue. God, angst and depth is lost on you, where are the gluten flavored cupcakes.

I am also high-fiving myself for another year down of my kids wanting to be timeless Halloween characters.

Scary Trio

Scary Duo

Scary Duo 2


Kitten 2

Adorable, right? I can’t wait for tonight when the temperature drops 30 degrees, and we have to bundle them in coats rendering their costumes completely unrecognizable.

Grimacing kids in snowsuits. The official uniform of ruined childhood Halloweens in Ohio.

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