Ok, so here is the deal.

I seldom get all mommy up in here.

This is my place.  For my life stories.

Sometimes the stories are about me being a parent, mostly they are about me being an asshole.

In fact, not a week ago, I would have written some scathing post about that ballsack of a father that creepy, Village of the Damned balloon kid has.

Or about my dad’s recent decision to conduct his daily business in denim overalls.

Or even about this old boyfriend I had that I caught in bed with a stripper named Shauna, whose entire upper lip is now just one giant, oozey herpe sore, and I am pretty sure his dick fell off.

But today, I can’t.

I’m gonna take a moment, as a mommy, to tell you…the last thing you should have to do, as a mommy, is to sit with your sick kid in a quarantined hospital room, with needles coming out of his arms.  And, the only contact he has outside of his mommy is with people in scary masks and full body rubber suits, who treat him like he has the plague.

And, there are all these other kids, just like him.  Equally sick.  Equally miserable.  Totally fucking freaking out.

And to think.  If the vaccine would have been available sooner, this all could have been prevented.


Get yours.

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