Frozen veggies are something I LOVE stocking up on, and try to work into every meal. But,let’s face it, you’ve eaten them, they are bland and blah. And while it’s easy enough just to pop them in the microwave and throw them in a bowl, adding one super quick extra step can have a huge yummy payoff, and you will look like a sautee savvy gourmet, which is also nice. Mind you, these little steps are super easy, and you may already do them, or have though of doing them, and I am here to say, DO IT.

I like to work often with whole green beans or corn. You can even get the kind that steam right in the bag now (oh, fancy fancy). So, pop it in the microwave, let it do it’s thing, then pull it out and completely drain it. Whip out a small sautee pan, melt down some butter.

For green beans, I add some garlic and sautee it a bit in the butter, then pop in the cooked green beans, and add some yummy kosher salt (I stress KOSHER salt…get some, in your cupboard, always!). Sautee this around a bit until the butter is gone and you are getting a yummy crust on the green beans…not burnt, but sizzled a little. Just eye it, you know what you like. 5 minutes tops, boom, you’re done, and you have yummy satueed garlic green beans.

For corn, after I drain it, I toss it in a bowl with a lump of butter, kosher salt and chili powder (another staple you NEED!). stir, and cover so the butter melts. After a minute or so, uncover it, taste it, add more seasoning if you like, and tada…yummy corn with a hint of chili. It goes with anything, and people will be licking their plates.

So, stop buying the frozen butter in corn, or broccoli covered in cheese crap, it’s unhealthy, and loaded with bad stuff. Add the flavors your self, it’s cheaper, yummier, healthier and you’ll feel prouder. Seriously, you will:)

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