It’s October 3rd, and you guys… it’s chilly. It’s foggy in the mornings and getting dark earlier and earlier, and my body is finally at operating level: PRAISE JESUS.

The first few official weeks of fall were rough. I was that lady in Target wearing tall leather boots and a sweater damp with sweat because the calendar said “pumpkin time,” but the weather said “basically July.”

But, now that everything is right with the world, I am fully immersed in my fall wardrobe, and this includes three staples: utility jacket, skinny jeans, booties.

Stores have taken a “make it rain” approach to utility and military jackets this season, and I could not be more excited. They are perfect over vintage V-neck tees (my personal approach), fitted tank tops, and even dresses. Anytime you feel like hiding your arms in a cardigan or shrug, grab this jacket instead. It’s like I’m living in a 90’s Delia*s catalog, only this time, the chubby girls get to play, too!

Booties can be tricky for me. On one hand, they are wide-calf friendly, but on the other, I carry a lot of my weight in my legs, so a tiny boot at the bottom of a skin tight jean doesn’t always feel comfortable for me. It can feel less like a boot and more like a hoof. So I look for booties with wide openings that fit away from my ankles. It’s a proportion that keeps me confident and not feeling like Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

These are, hands down, my favorite booties. And let me tell you why… They aren’t tight on my ankles! The tops of these boots are split open on each side, so it’s keeps things very proportionate against my jeggings. Also they have a thick wooden heel, so I’m click-clacking all over the place like a sexy school principal.

Note: This jacket is from Forever 21+, which is a great place for plus fashion. But, when it comes to fit, it’s a Junior Plus fit, so sizing up will be a must. I typically only grab things that I wouldn’t mind baggy, so I size all the way up in everything I order.

Jacket: Utility Jacket, Forever 21+, size 3X
Shirt: Deep V Shirt tail Tee, Lovesick, size 1
Jeans: Mid-Rise Rockstar Built-In Sculpt Jeans, Old Navy, size 16 (Order your normal size!)
Booties: Janna Split Ankle Bootie, Target

Fall Booties
Originally, I thought I should have sized down in this jacket for a way better fit, and structure, but I rally like being able to wrap a coat around my body and hide inside of it. This is a lesson in not everything having to be skin tight. I could easily belt this with a worn brown leather belt for a great waist fit. But, I am, admittedly, a jeans and t-shirt girl, and throwing this distressed military jacket over a super worn tee is my equivalent to a socially acceptable form of sweats. It’s loose and easy and a great way for me to maneuver through life when I’m bloated and PMS’ing and tired of clothes, kids and people touching me. It’s like my personality in outfit form.

Jacket: Camo Jacket, Forever 21+, size 3X
Shirt: Deep V Shirt tail Tee, Lovesick, size 1
Jeans: Denzen Curvy Skinny Jeans, Target, size 16
Booties: Suede Slouch Boot, American Eagle

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