What goes better with a new hilarious fashion memoir than another Curvy Girl Makeover!

*throws confetti in the air*

I’ve partnered with Bandelettes– a company me and my thighs are so completely obsessed with- to give a full on head-to-toe makeover to a very deserving plus size woman named Noelle.

meet noelle

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Noelle is a full time grad student going to school to be a special intervention teacher, she works part time, and she has four kids. Her whole life is doing for others, so it was my honor to be able to commit a whole day of doing for her.

Self care, y’all. It’s important.

Step One: Shopping. Let me tell you, this always goes the same way. 1. I coax you into the fitting room with arm fulls of clothes, and then 2. we immediately find out you aren’t wearing the correct size. Spoiler alert: You’re often SMALLER than you think you are. This was 100% the case for Noelle, who sized down, sometimes two sizes, in all the clothing she tied on.

Step Two: I turned Noelle over to the my personal hair guru, Autum Meglitsch. Noelle hasn’t had a salon experience in years, and she cuts her own bangs. I KNOW. Having been personally banned from cutting my own bangs by Autum, myself, I related to her frustration, but serious guys, put the scissors down.

unnamed (22)

unnamed (9)

Noelle had really long one length hair with varying shades and colors. Autum had a clear plan, pop some great color and add loads of bounce and layers to give Noelle tons of body.

The final result?


unnamed (13)

unnamed (12)

The best part about this little black dress isn’t that it’s sexy, or that she easily looks 10 years younger… it’s that Noelle can still wear a bra with it! The black mess skater dress goes in at the waist and flows away from the middle, giving her the ultimate flattering look. I think we just reinvented her date look!

Dress: Skater Dress, Torrid
Shoes: Black Heels, Target

unnamed (15)

unnamed (16)

I know. This outfit is everything. Everything. I worked all Noelle’s amazing proportions with a fitted black blazer, yellow flowing top and some dark denim jeggings. Nothing lengthen and leans out your legs like a pair of dark skinny jeans. (Seriously, try them) It’s the perfect outfit in that she can wear this to a meeting, or out for drinks with her girlfriends.

Blazer: Black Blazer, Target
Top: Yellow Tank, Torrid
Jeans: Dark Denim Jeggings, Torrid
Shoes: Black Heels, Target

unnamed (19)

unnamed (21)

Noelle wanted an outfit that she could wear in the classroom, but also out having fun with her kids, so I paired this really empire waist blue dress with a light denim jacket. Because, yeah, plus size women are often nervous to show their upper arms. I get it. The perfect denim jacket turns every sleeveless dress into a summer option!

Dress: Blue Paisley Sundress, Torrid
Jacket: Denim Jacket, Torrid
Shoes: Brown Wedge Sandals

unnamed (4)

Bandelettes: White Onyx

The makeover sponsor is also the ultimate in curvy girl summer survival! Bandelettes are a discreet, yet totally sexy, way to save your thighs from rubbing and chaffing. They are prefect under your all your summer dresses, and come in multiple colors and styles.

unnamed (6)

The biggest before and after change about from this process? Noelle’s confidence. And that is crazy empowering.

On to the next makeover, folks!

Wanna check out Noelle’s amazing transformation in full, watch the video below!

Click here if you are having trouble viewing the video. 

Thank you to Bandelettes for helping to make this important project possible, and for doing great things for women’s confidence.


If you or your brand are interested in sponsoring a Curvy Girl Makeover, drop me an email today!
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