I invent things.

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Andy cannot stand my face these days. I honestly can't blame him, I've been positively miserable to live with. I've been all yell-y and angst-y and irritable. I'm not really sleeping, I feel like one eyebrow is more arched than the other, and I have this weird mole on my arm that I can't get [...]

Tales from the Road Part 1

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Curse you fear of flight. I don't know why, in my head, I envision road trips going better than they actually do. I mean, I know my kids are technophiles and they wouldn't how to sing in a round if it punched them in the face, but really with the constant need for stimulation, already? The [...]

Fruit. On the bottom?

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Have you ever found out that something you have been doing for a long time is wrong? Like, really wrong? That happened to me yesterday. When I was pregnant with Jude, I was a complete and utter spazz about what I put into my body. Medicinally speaking.  I clearly had no seconds thoughts about the [...]

Sticking it to the man…who happens to be my mom…who was actually totally right…damn it. This is less fun than I thought it would be.

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When I was little, I wanted NOTHING more that to take a bubble bath with Mr. Bubble. According to the commercials, the bubbles Mr. Bubble produced?  Fucking bananas. But, my mom was, like, Joan Crawford about the Mr. Bubble. Nyet Mr. Bubble. She was like, girls can't use stuff like that, so, naturally, I was [...]

Girl on girl.

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OMG, how excited are you to come here and read about how I totally made out with another girl at this all girls summer camp I worked at? It was sooo hot. But, this post isn't about that. It's about Transformers 2.  And why it can suck my dick. Here's the thing.  I don't like Megan Fox.  [...]

Women’s Intuition

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You know those girls? The ones you see when you are in line for a movie, or out to dinner, or at a birthday party of some college friend you barely talk to anymore. You can always hear them come in, super loud and giggly, and always ultra shiny and glossed up. You know who [...]