Halloween aka “Hey Look, My Kids Still Like Hanging Out with Me!”

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And the streak continues! So yeah, if you’ve been following me through the years, you may already know of my complete aversion to standard store bought costumes. […]

Raising Geeks

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Growing up, I wanted to have two kids. A boy named Josh and a girl named Mercedes. Josh would naturally be the big man on campus, and when I say that, imagine me saying it the way your grandmother says it when she asks you about school. "How's school, Josh? I assume you're the big man [...]

The Apology

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Our life this month has coincided beautifully with the 4th of July... some change and some freedom. Physical and emotional change that has been wonderful and sweat-inducing and scream-ridden and terrifying. You'll read about and see more of that in a few days. But first, a little bit of freedom, and what precipitates freedom more than [...]

A Day of Yes

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I say no a lot. I mean I say no to my kids a lot. Strangers and friends who I care considerably less about, I seem to struggle with limits an nos, and yet my kids, no is almost reflexive at this point. Hey mom can- Nope. Hey Brittany, can you fly in to do [...]

Riding In Cars With Kids

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I've been having car issues. Mechanically, my SUV was cherry. Logistically I wanted to light it on fire and push it into the pond. The problem is that I have three children in car seats on a single bench seat. So what, you ask? Oh, you've never put a condom on a dude then tried to [...]