Batting 1000

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You know when your kids totally do something new and shocking, like, oh, I don't know...let's say pull a dining room chair up to the kitchen counter and start playing with the knife block or dick around on the stove. And you are all like, where in fucks sake did you learn that shit? And [...]

My breakfast of champions.

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Best breakfast ever? Cold pineapple and green pepper pizza with thick crust. I have been dreaming of it all night. I woke up at 6am drooling for it. Literally...wet pillow. I get to the kitchen, and I see it...on the the box it came in last night. COME ON! Andy! The deal was, I [...]

I’m feeling…poetic.

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Just like old times.

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I haven't numbered things in a while. I think I will go ahead and do that now. Just to be nostalgic. 1. I think my thighs are starting to rub time. This scares me. I mean, not enough to stop eating burritos, but enough to make me drink water between bites. 2. I literally [...]

Holy Mother!

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Ok, first things first. I got a flu shot today. First one ever. See. Totally hurts. Have no mobility in my arm. Plus, they put a bandaid on it, which seems silly to me. Now I have to relive the pain when I pull the little bastard off. Not that I am hairy or anything, [...]


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I love sauerkraut.   Can't get enough of it.   My first pregnancy, my favorite meal was a baked potato covered in fajita steak strips, A1 sauce and sauerkraut.   Yuuuuummmm.   Even now, it's all I think about. Like that slutty cheerleader fantasy from American Beauty, except instead of rose petals, I am totally [...]

Halloween, the morning after

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How do I know it was a good night? I woke up this morning with what looked like a a piece of poop in my bra, but in reality, was a chunk of Twix bar from the 20 I had devoured over the course of last night. That's how I measure success these days, by [...]


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I am home. We are home. Everyone is home...even that skanky sippy cup full of milk I left on the counter before we left, it's here too. On the plus side, I am relieved to still have the freedom to roam around my house, not addressing the stinking sippy of rotting whole milk, as 8ish [...]


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I am going to try and make this as coherent as possible. Which is hard, I have lots to do, but am too hungry to do Henry the pug is snoring so damn loud, and I keep throwing paper clips at him, but he is ignoring me and I think my head may explode. [...]

Totally not dead on the side of the road somewhere.

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Holy crap.It's Saturday!?How did I not post all week?What was I doing?Thinking of Mexican food...putting rubber bands on all my jeans because they won't button anymore...not cleaning...not paying my student loans...lots of those hard to find cherry flavored things that look like tootsie rolls but totally aren't...crying in my OB's office until she found [...]