The Garden State

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It's the age old dilemma. Girl has period. Girl takes wrapper off tampon. Girl drops tampon on moist looking public restroom floor in a rest stop off the I-80 Pennsylvania. Girl has no more tampons. It's basically the plot of a mis-named Alanis Morissette song. We're in New Jersey. We're supposed to be in Texas [...]

Orlando is for Families…and Overdraft Fees.

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Once or twice a year we head down to Florida. It's an absolute privilege my children get as a byproduct of having in-laws and friends that now reside in the Sunshine State. Last week I did a little venting on the myth that is the "family vacation." I blame the steroids I was on for [...]

Family Vacation? Liar.

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I remember when we landed in Cleveland from L.A. We stood in baggage claim hand in hand. He carried my bags for me, and snuggled me close as we ran in the snow to our car. We stopped at a restaurant off the turnpike on the drive home, he ran in to pee and came [...]

The Tiny Fashionista

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Having a girl has been a really, really awesome head trip. After two boys, I totally wanted a girl, but I had no idea what I was getting. I mean, it's way better than I expected, but sometimes Andy and I look at each other all... Where did she come from? How does she know [...]

Part One: Home from L.A.

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Well, I just flew in from L.A., and boy are my arms tired. No, seriously. I drank heavily the entire flight and challenged everyone in first class to an arm wrestling match; my biceps are exhausted. This was actually a really scary trip for me. I mean, let's be honest. I'm not thin. I'm not [...]

The Great Wide Open

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I spent last week in Palm Springs. Brittany fun fact, I actually lived there as an infant, but have absolutely no recollection of the event save for some story about how we used to live near Jackie Coogan, who was Uncle Fester in the Addams Family television show, and that he held me one time. [...]

This New Thing

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I've never read The Secret. I understand the general premise, that you put what you want out into the universe, and by way of some sort of Oprah Hogwarts magic, it happens. But, I'm just not very new-agey, and also, I'm insanely distractable and impatient. I've been walking around all day wearing a post-it note [...]

A Boy Named Sue

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When you have three kids who are basically the same age, they kinda glob together into one mega kid who you assume gets enough specialness and attention from you. And that's mostly true. They like the same things, eat the same foods, bath together, and basically function like those two younger Kardashian sisters who haven't [...]