Day 1 of Brittany’s Favorite Things…bearing in mind, she has ridiculously low standards.

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"You don't even count as a person until you're 30." -Audrey Binkowski It's not that I am going to be thirty, per say. I mean yes, in two days, I will be thirty.  No longer twenty anything.  Thirty. Three.  Oh. Every birthday from hence fourth will only bring me another, larger, thirty something number, that [...]

A lesson in resourcefulness.

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I didn't carry a purse until my last year of college. I would shove things in my pockets, or if I was wearing my black going out pants, in my bra it'd go. With each passing year, and child, my purse gets bigger and bigger, until eventually, I'm pulling a carry on behind me. On [...]


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Sometimes in life, there are things that just go together. Lucy and Ethel.  Red Bull and Cheetos.  Ying and Yang.   Tango and Cash. Everybody knows this stuff. And, in life, you are lucky if you find the ying to your yang.  The Ethel to your Lucy. One thing that so compliments you, it's like the universe [...]

Giveaway, Freebie, Fun, Fun, Fun!

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I love giving things that I love away. Not the exact item that I personally own. But, like, a replica. There are some things you shouldn't get second hand. This is one of them. That being said, if you call me daughter, sister, granddaughter, daughter in law, or if you distribute communion to me when [...]

The giveaway you won’t need a safe word for!

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First off, how about the new digs?  Pretty hot, huh? Endless thanks to Shauna from Blog & Web Designs by Shauna.  She is amazing, a complete lifesaver, and has the patience of a fucking saint! She is the sole reason I was brave enough to put on my internet big girl panties and make the [...]


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You found me!! I have been featured on "MISSION: Monday" by Deb and Jay at Dirty Socks and Pizza and HalftimeLessons! The idea behind their weekly promotion and giveaway is to bring focus to FABULOUS blogs like now that you found me, here is my question you will need to know the answer to [...]