The Art of Garage Sales

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I feel like my personalities change with the seasons. Like, in the spring, Andy knows it's time for Self-Reflective Brittany who wants to do things like try out a new religion or host an exchange student. I'm pretty sure Jesus was reborn during this time, so I'm like, let's start meditating and opening our home [...]

The Family Closet

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This weekend I have been coping with weird feelings. Nesting feelings, if you will. Without the whole fetus mess, obviously. I can make that statement confidentially because I bought one of those at-home doppler things my last pregnancy, and I use it occasionally when I think I have a tapeworm. Last Friday I had a [...]

Two Parties, One Hangover

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There are two ways to look at this weekend. I'm either a genius, or the stupidest person on the planet. Andy feels like it's the latter, but I'd like to think it's a tie. April, in general, is a super bad month for us. We were all born in April, save for Jude, whose birthday [...]

Welcome Home

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You know how in Twilight, Alice has visions of people's future in her head, and when she can't see it, it's because they are dead or something? That is how I like to pretend my brain works. In my mind, I am psychic, so I feel like if I don't envision something happening, it's because [...]

Playing House.

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We have been in our forever house for a year. I would be lying if I said there weren't still at least three boxes in the garage left to unpack. I'm assuming they are full of sports bras, ovulation tests and my Jack Lallane Juicer, because it's been 14 months and I have yet to [...]

Life Tip: How to Open Wine Without a CorkScrew.

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Sometimes, I find myself in life or death situations. This happened to me once before in college with a bottle of shiraz.  I broke the top off with a hammer, and spent three days freaking out that I swallowed glass shards and was bleeding internally.   Starting my period the next day did not help dispute [...]


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Sometimes, I like to pretend I am a hair stylist. It's one of those jobs I always wished I had, much like being a teacher so I could decorate bulletin boards or a marine biologist so I could be tan. Never mind that other people's children annoy me, or that the ocean is a giant [...]