This is still a job I have.

I say that to myself in the mirror everyday I wake up in my cabin in the middle of the woods in Southern Ohio. Of all the things I thought I’d be in this life… camp director isn’t one of them. But it’s the most fun.

After a a few anxiety ridden winter months of me asking Andy things like, seriously, how long can an adult woman keep this going? And, what if nobody has fun? And lastly, what if people start going to all the other camps popping up everywhere?

I came to the realization that I don’t need to worry about any of that. Because this camp, this special place, where we welcome everyone with acceptance and a cold beer, where we high five our fellow outcasts, and cheers to our social awkwardness and fear of fitting in, we’re not just getting by, we’re thriving. We sell out a year in advance because adults want a place where they fit in, where they make real friends and aren’t nervous to lay by the pool in their swimsuits or dance all night to 90’s hip hop or walk up to anyone and have a conversation, because spoiler alert, we’re all the cool kids now. We’ve taken over.

Once spring hit, that familiar excitement began to take over. I’m going to camp with my friends and I can start drinking when I wake up and go to parties every night and it’s the best thing in the entire world! Worry? vanished.

Since I’m in my third year of Camp Throwback, I have begun to exhale a bit. But with experience comes the realization that I need to keep this thing evolving and changing, because what if people get tired of coming to camp to see their friends and play drunk dodge ball and slip and slide and eat square pizzas and go to 80’s parties?

So evolve, I did.




Welcome to Camp Throwback.




We beefed up our Thursday night Welcome Bonfire with a cut throat game of Flip Cup Trivia, made even more interesting with fast paced Fireball-shot rounds. The ultimate prize, The Golden Selleck, which you can win… if you stay sober enough to answer the questions.


IMG_0909 (1)

Hangover Yoga with Jenna is a camp tradition and body positive must. People of all shapes and sizes take to the field in the early morning sunlight to stretch and (insert various other yoga phrases here) their way to relaxation and sobriety.





Choose Your Own Adventure Day is a day that’s all about you, with activities to keep you as lazy or as active as you want. Archery, adult coloring, friendship bracelets and the crazy popular #ILoveToCreate Tie Dye Station with Tulip. They’ve led our arts and crafts sessions for 3 years now, and I can’t thank them enough for helping us to be kids, again.

unnamed (3)

Friday night, we brought the 70’s back. Having never lived a day in this decade, I completely underestimated how fucking cool it was, and how wonderful the clothes were.



IMG_1011 (1)




I know. You can dig it.

As per usual, Field Day was amazing, made only more epic by our RETRO TUBE SOCKS, YOU GUYS! They are from a company called Neon Bandits. I love finding cool new businesses on the internet, telling them about camp, and they are all, YASSSS LET ME BE A PART OF THIS. Could there be a better fit for adult summer camp? The answer is no, and they are the best socks ever, especially since they fit my wide calves, and that makes me really, really happy inside.


Quick question: is there anything funnier than watching two adults try to pop a balloon between them during a cabin vs. cabin relay? Nope.


unnamed (1)

Dodge ball has become a form of High School redemption. We take it very seriously. You picked me last in 10th grade, Josh? You can suck it!




What can we say, it’s cheaper than therapy.


IMG_2457-e1465878272773 (1)





And how on earth can I forget the pool and slip n’ slides, aka, where we relax and drink umbrella drinks while not thinking about bills or work or kids or what’s on the news.

Chili Dan has been a camp staple for going on three years, but this year, he took over the whole damn kitchen!


Dude, his yearly epic Bloody Mary did not disappoint. And his food was on point. And by on point, I mean in my stomach.



And did I mention the catered lunches from Chubby’s American Grill? No? It’s because my mouth was full. Camp is life.

We wrapped up the final night of camp with a balls to the wall Talent Show and Karaoke Party. It lasted into the wee hours of the morning, culminating with a group sing along to Piano Man, that I can still barely talk about without sobbing. I won’t share pictures. Some things are sacred.

But you know the coolest part of Camp Throwback?








Hands down, the coolest people on the planet. My friends for life. The only people in the world who get it, because after all, it’s a camp thing. And you had to be there.

Wanna join us next year? Tickets for June 1-4, 2017 go on sale Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 at midnight EST.

Follow Camp Throwback on Facebook to grab the link the second it goes live.


A big huge thank you to our sponsors, who not only get the Camp Throwback vibe, but who step in to help keep camp affordable for all the cool people who want to attend.

GOLD SPONSORS: 424 Degrees, Chili Dan’s, Chubby’s American Grill


BRONZE SPONSOR: The Travelsmith

CARE PACKAGE SPONSORS: Tieks, Hot Shot, Price Pro and Neon Bandits

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