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BBQ Ribs Sans Grill

By |2011-11-16T22:05:51-04:00January 7th, 2008|Recipes|

Even though it was freakishly warm today, my grill is still all locked away for the winter, but that doesn't mean I can't have yummy BBQ ribs! I mean, it's game day, and nothing hits the spot like BBQ on game day. 8 Boneless Pork Ribs (Bone in is fine as well)16 oz. bottle of [...]

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Um, is this thing on?

By |2008-01-04T13:55:00-04:00January 4th, 2008|Musings|

You know who doesn't have a sense of humor? Cow farmers.I accidentally let one little "yum" slip when we were discussing a meat purchase, and you'd think I just punched his grandma.Um, hello...YOU'RE the killing the poor thing, sorry I got a little over excited, but you are in NO PLACE to pass judgment buddy.So, [...]

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Sour Grapes

By |2008-01-03T13:34:00-04:00January 3rd, 2008|Musings|

Small town life has lots of perks. Everyone knows your name, a safe community feel, no traffic, no stop lights. Buuuut...it does have a downside. The one grocery in town is family owned, and while it's nice to walk in and have the 90 year old cashier, Pearl, greet me when I walk in, or [...]

Chicken Tetrazzini

By |2011-11-16T22:06:31-04:00January 3rd, 2008|Recipes|

What's better in the freezing cold of winter than some cheesy, gooey Italian comfort food? This was a new recipe I tried from a friend who spends WAY too much time on allrecipes.com, and after some modifications, I found it to be superb! This, of course, can also be made with turkey, and goes great [...]

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Asian Cole Slaw

By |2011-11-16T22:07:11-04:00December 27th, 2007|Recipes|

I have been craving this for some reason, and I scoured the internet for a good recipe. I found 5 kinda "ok" recipes, and decided to try elements from all of them and see what it produced. The result? Only the best tasting Asian Cole Slaw ever! Crunchy, sweet, tart, perfect! And, honestly, was even [...]

My Only Succesful Baking Endevour

By |2011-11-16T22:18:21-04:00December 20th, 2007|Recipes|

Christmas time means Christmas cookies...which I suck at. I don't mind eating them, but creating them is another thing, and I don't do it. Cookie Swaps make my palms sweaty, but like them or not, they are a fact of the season, so I was hard pressed to find a cookie recipe that would not [...]

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Review: The Ugly Duckling, Swanton

By |2009-03-30T16:47:28-04:00December 19th, 2007|Musings|

I had the pleasure of spending my 3rd Wedding Anniversary at The Ugly Duckling, unconventional, yes, but a pleasure seldom experienced with two infants at home.The Duck is located downtown Swanton, not an area bustling with nightlife, so parking is ample, and pretty accessible in short distance. Walking into the Duck, you may feel as [...]

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Frozen Veggie Fun

By |2007-12-04T04:49:00-04:00December 4th, 2007|Recipes|

Frozen veggies are something I LOVE stocking up on, and try to work into every meal. But,let's face it, you've eaten them, they are bland and blah. And while it's easy enough just to pop them in the microwave and throw them in a bowl, adding one super quick extra step can have a huge [...]

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Kitchen Aid Mixer = Fabulous Baker…um…no.

By |2007-12-04T04:33:00-04:00December 4th, 2007|Musings|

Two christmas' ago, hubby got me a big fancy kitchen aid mixer. He must of assumed that, because I cook, that I also bake. Which I do not. And, although this concept should not be a new one for him, as we have been together for over a decade, I understand I am hard to [...]

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Oma’s Spaghetti Sauce

By |2007-12-03T10:26:00-04:00December 3rd, 2007|Recipes|

Ok, I would love to now delve into an intricate story about how I make my sauce from scratch, from an ancient recipe passed down from my mother's mother's mother. Not the case, and since the Old Country to my family is Ireland...unless you want a good from scratch cabbage and potato recipe, bear with [...]