I don’t own lipstick, weird right? I own tons of cheapo balms and glosses, but no actual lipstick. The last time I wore it was in a shade of matte brown with a grungy flannel shirt and Dr. Martens, so like, not since Lilith Fair happened.

That being said, I have a total girl crush on red lipstick. It’s crazy hard to wear, and there’s a fine line between quirky sexy and quirky hookery that’s super dependent on shade and hue and undertones. All things I know exactly zero about.

But, red hair, pale skin, red lipstick; I really wanted to make this happen.

I had planned to go to Rite Aid and buy tons of reds to try, but my friend Meredith keeps trying to strong arm me into buying adult make-up from real make-up counters, so I thought maybe this would be an opportune time to do that.

Go to a cosmetic counter, talk to a real person, ask them what colors match my face. Easy peasy.

Oh, but here’s the thing, buying make-up at a make-up counter is a lot like buying a timeshare. You think you’re going to walk in, listen to the spiel and walk away with your free Disney tickets, but no. Something happens along the way, either out of desperation or exhaustion, and next thing you know, you own a property in Orlando and $400 worth of make-up in a bag the size of a condom.

I walked into Dillard’s with no plan. I just figured whoever talked to me first would win. Today’s winner? Luzelena from Dior.

It was 10 o’clock in the morning, the counters were deserted and I had nothing but time, so Luzelena and I played with make-up. She taught me about my skin, about colors, and best of all, she didn’t try conning me into a townhouse 40 miles from the beach. Instead, she told me how to make things work with the not-quite-Dior make-up I already owned at home. Does Dior go with Bonnie Bell? Um, does champagne go with pizza rolls? Yes, the answer is yes.

(psst, hey Dior, I may not have walked out with $600 worth of product, but you just got yourself a customer for life.)

Dior Collage

I left the counter with the most perfect shade of red lipstick, feeling that much closer to nailing down my personal style, something I have been trying to figure out since standing in wardrobe the other day when a stylist walked in and asked me just what the hell mine was.

A few years ago, I would have laughed at her and then pointed in the general direction of that mountain of faded black yoga pants, but I don’t entirely think that defines me anymore, and I’ve been trying really hard to piece together what exactly my style consists of.

When I look at the closet that has drastically changed over the course of the last 24 months or so, with new fun pieces slowly replacing the too-small crap from high school I had an emotional death-grip on, it’s becoming clear to me… I’m pretty fucking girly. Which is hysterical because showing off any line of my body used to be my biggest fear ever, because well, there are a lot of them and almost none of them are straight, but now, those lines feel the most like me.

I love dresses and skinny jeans and heels and headbands and jewelry (and taint jokes, they add character). And now, thanks to Luzelena, I also love red lipstick, which is, conveniently, Valentine’s Day personified.

I know a lot of people don’t celebrate, and yes, it’s totally a Hallmark holiday. But, dude, it’s about love and getting some, there are worse things we could be celebrating, no?

For the longest time, Andy was on second shift, making a romantic night out near impossible. We had, like, Valentine’s Day brunches with three kids and heart shaped pancakes and crap. We were together, which was lovely, but I was also cutting up everyone’s food and spending the evening alone in my bathrobe.

Once he was moved to first shift, we found ourselves punch-drunk and giddy to celebrate each and every ridiculous holiday we could get our hands on. Including Valentine’s Day.

It didn’t even need to be fancy. A four course dinner or a quickie in the car behind the movie theater, it didn’t matter; it was dark and we were alone. And, this year I’m lucky enough to have both. Maybe, I mean, it depends on how flexible I am.

But we will, for sure, be ringing in the season of love twice; a fancy dinner for two the evening of the 14th, and then an additional night of celebration this weekend with our favorite couples, some good Chinese and a cheesy zombie love movie.

One night of sexy and one of casual; red lipstick and curves, two ways.

LBD2 CollageRomantic Night Out: So, I had a black dress. It was a linen a-line sort of thing I tossed under a grey cardigan to wear to funerals. But, this dress, folks, is no funeral dress. This is a little black dress. A little black dress that hugs my curves and makes me feel just like Christina Hendricks probably feels at absolutely any moment in her awesome life. It’s not clingy or fat grabby, it’s cut to perfection, I feel like a bombshell, and I have very little doubt that my husband will spend the entire evening wondering just how to get me out of it. Red lipstick and a shape hugging black dress, this lady stuff is way funner than I realized.
Long Sleeve Faux Wrap Dress (size 16), Lands’ End $94
Leopard Platform Heels, Target $14.99
Gold Bracelets, Lane Bryant $24.95
Black Clutch, Lane Bryant

Stripe Sweater CollageZombie Movie Love Fest: Navy is my jam this season, and I’ve slowly been hoarding it in whatever form I can get it. Boatneck striped sweater with a super cute shirt-tail vent on the side? Um, yes please. Vintage horse head necklace? Don’t mind if I do. And hey, are those the Rockstar skinny jeans I continuously tell you to buy because they will flatter your curvy body to the nines? Why yes they are, what the hell are you waiting for? The leather clutch, gold necklaces and cherry lips take this from blah car line to adorable date night.
Navy Striped Boatneck Sweater (size XL), Old Navy $29.94
Rockstar Skinny Jeans (size 14), Old Navy $34.50
Brown Leather Boots, Fitzwell $84.50
Leather Clutch, Lands’ End
Gold Link Necklace, Lands’ End $39
Gold Horse Pendant, Old Navy

Red Lipstick Red hair


DSC02012The winner? Rouge Dior Ara Red #999 and Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Glow #854.

DSC02003Even my intern loves it.

What are you rockin’ this Valentine’s Day?

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