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My friend recently had a baby boy, and he’s adorable. With each growing month, she puts up a new photo of the little prince touting his accomplishments, which developmental stages he’s powering through, and noting what he currently loves and hates at that moment in his life.

Why don’t we do this as adults? Do we just assume we reach a certain age and everything just stops? No further growth or development, just giant grumpy babies bumping into each other because we’re staring at our phones? Some of my best growth and development has happened as an adult. And sure, it might be weird to for an adult woman to admit that, but if you can’t do it on your birthday, when can you do it? Your obituary? What a waste. I choose now.

This amazing photo was taken in my kitchen by Chelsea McGowan, who as you know, is my most favorite photographer in the world. I can think of no other point of happiness than walking around in my underwear at 6am eating whipped cream from the can. Or, you know, Tuesday. Thank you for making all my moments look beautiful, Chelsea.

Brittany Gibbons

Age: 408 Months

Loves: The Royals, Nashville, Lush’s Black Stockings Body Tint Bar, Haribo Gummy Bears, and listening to Lovefool by The Cardigans.

Dislikes: Cilantro, social injustice, IPA beer, and Two Broke Girls (why do they have to yell all their lines?).

Accomplishments: Completed the first level of Rosetta Stone Italian, runs (really slowly) four times a week, learned to back-up her own iPhone, bought a waterproof vibrator, and really, really loves her thighs.

Sharing is caring, babe!

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