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I have been home for only three days in the last two weeks. I haven’t done laundry or gone to the grocery in 14 days. I don’t think I’ve even shaved my legs in my own shower in as long. And it’s for the best reasons ever.

First, I was in New York for a week launching my new book (You can buy it by clicking here. It will make you pee your pants it’s so funny, break your heart it’s so sad, and then at the end you get a coupon for a free mini-horse).

Then, I packed up my cut offs and sleeping bag and headed back to Camp Throwback for a week. We’re in our second year of this event, and it still brings me to tears when I see the dining hall packed with campers. Like, I’m standing there holding a megaphone, as camp directors are wont to do, and I can barely get the words out without my voice getting higher and shakier as tears burn the corners of my eyes. I will never stop feeling insanely proud looking at that room full of people who willing attend something everyone else told me was a stupid idea years ago, but they are now trying to copy.

CTB 15-1

Unfortuntaely for them, Camp Throwback can’t be copied. It isn’t about fame or profit, there are no sky high ticket prices or hard sells; it’s actually not about me, at all. It’s about taking a group of adults, giving them someplace where they will fit in and feel accepted, and then throwing nine tons of bad ass nostalgia at them while they drink and laugh their asses off.

The result is 4 amazing days of bar trivia, friendship bracelets, puffy paint, archery, dodge ball, bonfires, theme parties, amazing food, slip n’ slides, beer pong, bunk beds and s’mores with your new best friends. Here’s a peak at my week.

Mornings sipping Chili Dan’s Famous Bloody Mary’s, doing (okay watching… in the previous nights smudged mascara and wrinkled clothes) hangover yoga, and then lounging by the pool.

CTB 15-2

Two words, 80’s Party!

CTB 15-3

Camacho Memorial Drunk Field Day.

CTB 15-4

And only a million other moments between besties.

CTB 15-5

See, I only have around 100 more friendship bracelets to make, and then I’m all caught up.

CTB 2015

Special thanks to the two women I could never pull this off without. We own the summer, Jess and Rachel.

Girls of Summer

As for the rest of you reading this, come.

I’m not kidding.


Even if you are scared, have no one to come with, and 100% know you will ugly cry when you leave. Those are the best reasons to get your ass to camp.


Tickets for May 2016 go on sale June 15th at 10am EST.
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JUST RELEASED! We have 10 August 2015 tickets up for graps RIGHT NOW! OMG HURRY!

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