It’s 6am on Tuesday May 19th. I’m the first one awake, watching the sun come up, on the day my book comes out. may 19

Nope. Still not used to saying that part.

As of today, any one of you can walk into a book store, pick up the book with my photo on it, and read pages and pages of my deepest secrets. Like, for real, secret, secret stuff. And there is nothing I can do about it. It’s both elating and terrifying.

It’s been such a long time coming. So many bloggers come into this medium wanting to write a book. It’s practically in our personal mission statement. “My name is Brittany Gibbons, I’m a blogger, but I’m working on my first novel.” Except it’s funny because somewhere along the line I fell in love with this space. I write something, you react to it, we talk about it, and then we move on to the next conversation. It’s the absolute best form of instant gratification. Sharing that with a book was… hard, scary, long, messy, harrrrddddd.

I started writing Fat Girl Walking a year ago. It’s a conversation I’ve been waiting hundreds of days to have with you. Andy’s been waiting, too. Mostly because he’s at his limit of me stumbling out of the office teary and puffy eyed, pointing at the computer screen, asking him to read just one more part. He’s exasperated with my literary genius.

Here’s the deal. I’m really scared, guys. I’m crazy happy and proud and every electrifying emotion available, but also scared. Which I have decided is an essential part of fearlessness. There is no bravery in things that are easy or safe, it’s the stuff that wakes you up in the middle of the night out of breath and sweaty that makes you great.

I’d love for you to buy my book. I have tons of things to tell you.

P.S. You can also see me today on the 10 o’clock hour of Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda, this afternoon with Dr. Oz, and this evening on Entertainment Tonight. Yup, I’m literally taking over your televisions morning, noon, and night.

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