Dear Kate,

A few months ago I walked in the pouring rain through Chinatown and Little Italy to McNally-Jackson bookstore just before 6am, and without a stitch of make up or hair spray, I took off my pants and shopped in my underpants. 

It was one of my most favorite days. 


I can say that now. But at the time, as I was stomping through the dirty puddles and the raw fish lined streets of New York City, I was out of reasons for saying yes to this. I had just finished my book after a thirty day self imposed lock down; a lock down that earned me 20 stress and McDonald Chicken Nugget related pounds and paler than normal skin.

I had agreed to this so many months before out of pure love and admiration for great underwear and an even greater business. Dear Kate’s period panties – cute period panties – I mean, brilliant. There I was slumming around 3-5 days a month in old maternity underwear with broken elastic party streamers, when I could be wear sexy panties with an ingenious breathable liner, protecting me should I start my period without supplies (been there), needed a tampon or menstrual cup back up (ugh, also been there), or combating embarrassing girl glitter… which is what I call vagina sweat because it makes it sound adorable (super been there).

It’s the age old story really. Girl buys underpants, girl loves underpants, girl plasters her love of underpants all across social media, the girl who invented the underpants says hey, I love you too, let’s join forces, the rest is history. Women supporting women. And it’s that support that led me to McNally-Jackson bookstore at 6am with Dear Kate creator, Julie, to shoot the catalog for her brand new Queen Fancies line. Yep, they make plus size underwear for women because women come in plus size, naturally. Do you know how happy that makes me? Not having to approach a company asking, why not us, too? But rather, thank you for finding us worthy from the start, not worthy as an afterthought and desperate money grab? Total mindfuck, y’all.

As I walked out of the staff bathroom, hours before the bookstore would be open to the public, in only my underwear and a t-shirt, I realized I couldn’t control the outcome of this. I would just stand there thankful that I get to live another day combining two things I love… the smell of books and and the curves of my body. This is me on a Tuesday morning. This is me running in the rain in flip flops through one of my favorite cities. This is me being a mom and a advocate and a writer and a yo mama joke teller. This is me being a woman.

dear kate brittany


Dear Kate Brittany


dear kate brittany


dear kate brittany


dear kate brittany


The Queen Fancies Collection launched today. You can check them (and me) out here!

Also, if you are like me and don’t wear underwear with yoga pants and leggings (and skinny jeans), which is totally a thing by the way, you can throw your support around Dear Kate’s latest epic project, Go Commando Yoga Pants. Check out the Kickstarter, they are so fucking amazing, and I could not be prouder to even a small part of this movement.
(Spoiler alert, they will come in plus size, because of course they will. Dear Kate, I love you.)

DISCOUNT ALERT! From now through July 4th, 2014 you can save 25% off your first purchase using the code brittanyherself


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