1. I’m thankful for the boxes of Ritz crackers dipped in chocolate.

2. I’m thankful that my kids don’t like Minecraft, because I have no fucking idea what’s going on when we play it and it gives me nightmares.

3. I’m thankful Andy is willing to live with a writer, and never questions when he finds me up at 3am sorting socks and talking about replacing all the carpet in the house with wood, because he knows avoidance is all part of the process.

4. I’m thankful headphones are a thing again, because my earholes don’t support earbuds.

5. I’m thankful Jude, Wyatt and Gigi happened, in exactly the way they did. In fact, I wouldn’t change a moment of my life if I knew it would in some way alter the exact second I was able to meet each one of them.

Trio Color

My own personal Breakfast Club.

Jude Color

An athlete.

Wy Color

An artist.

Gigi Color

A triple threat.

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