Ladies Home Journal just shared their list of 16 women who made the world happier this year.

Scout Leader Connie Bell, Therapy Dog trainer Marcie Beedy, Spanx Founder Sara Blakely, Female Bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd, Opera Singer Camille Zamora, Shoes That Fit Founder Jill Calhoun, Model Cameron Russell, Inventor Veronika Scott, J. Crew Designer Jenna Lyons, Playwright Raegan Payne, Party Guru Helen Jane Hearn, Make A Wisher Granter Laura McHolm, Cancer Ass Kicker Nicole Graham, Educating Superstar Kelly Wickham, Thirty-One CEO Cindy Monroe, oh and…

Ladies Home Journal Inside
This girl.

Making the world happier? I cannot think of a single better mark to leave on 2013. I am so honored to be in such amazing company, and if you want to read all about these women yourself, you can check the story out online, or  just pick up the December/January issue of Ladies Home Journal.

LHJ Cover

Unless you shop at my Kroger, in which case, I may have bought them all.


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