I wasn’t going to post while on vacation, first because Andy keeps giving me the mean face when I check my email, and two because Mexico and I are actually in a fight over the actual existence of wifi.

I’m all, seriously Mexico, internet travels through the air now, stop being weird about this. And Mexico is all, this is preposterous!

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Colon and wifi aside, it’s going well, I’ll get into it more shortly, I am already pre-gaming Andy’s bucket list dream come true of swimming with whale sharks. I have no idea why he’s making me do this, it’s like he’s meeting me for the very first time today.

On top of that, yesterday got a little exciting. First, HLN’s Showbiz Tonight tracked me down in Mexico to talk about doing it. It was for their 15 Minutes of Fame segment, or Quince Minutes of Fame. I would be offended if the whole thing wasn’t so fucking hilarious.

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It’s also apparently sitting on the front page of CNN, and before everyone gets all angsty about it, I just want to say this. Outside the serious and the bad, life happens. Sometimes it’s funny or sad or interesting or eyerolly, regardless it happens. And we’re allowed to talk about it and not worry that it’s taking precedence over other things that are happening in the world.

Oh, and last night Jay Leno talked about me in his monologue, again. It’s just after the 3 minute mark.

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Listen Jay, here’s the deal. I feel like we’re at the point in our relationship that you either have me on your show or you buy me dinner.


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