Thus begins the ritual of starting off the new school year with pretty clothes that aren’t quite faded yet, bookbags free of the mid-year foot smell and goldfish crumbs, and legitimately clean and styled hair.

Because what else do I have to do at 6am? Certainly not body slam three kids into the bed so I can properly brush their teeth and see what smells fresh enough to toss in their lunch. Everything looks adorable and artsy in a Bento box, y’all.

So, just in case you are still looking for some affordable back to school ideas, my little darlings have decided to show off their favorite outfits, styled completely by them. Not gonna lie, having kids who dig clothes is one my favorite things. I only wish that enthusiasm extended to sleeping in or flushing the toilet.

Jude BTS

Chewbacca Tee, Old Navy
1969 Yellow Jeans, GAP $11.99
Camo Crocs, Walmart

Wyatt BTS

Gap Tee, Gap Kids
1969 Bootcut Jeans, Gap Kids $24.99
Puma Tennis Shoes, 6pm $39.99

Gigi BTS 1

Cat Tee, Target $9.99
Floral Skirt, Target $12.99
Black Mary Janes, Target

Gigi BTS 2

Sequins Tee, Target $9.99
Heart Jeans, Target $14.99
Glitter Shoes, Gap Outlet

As if dressing the kids for back to school isn’t hard enough, it seems to be very on trend right now to make the parents look presentable at drop off as well. And by “on trend,” I mean, it’s an actual fucking rule that I am no longer allowed to bring my kids to school in pajamas. You know, like to set an example and apparently counteract the sight of first day of school parents doing body shots and shot-gunning pot smoke into each other’s mouths in the parking lot?

Hello Gorgeous

Baggy off the shoulder tees are my jam. Am I wearing an underwire? Am I wearing a genie bra? It doesn’t matter before 8am.

Hello Gorgeous Tee, size XXL, Old Navy $7.97
Mudd jeans, size 17, Kohls
Black Flip Flops, Old Navy $2.50

Mint Green Sweater

I’m currently having an irrational love affair with the color mint.

Mint Green Sweater, size XXL, Gap
Rockstar Skinny Jeans, size 14, Old Navy $29.50
Leopard Flats, Target $11.24

Yellow Dress

This dress feels like a nightgown. So I bought it in every color. Not allowed to wear pajamas to school anymore? Jokes on you, administration, I sleep in everything.

Yellow Knit Shirt Dress, size XL, Old Navy $10.00
Brown Flip Flops, Old Navy $2.50
Gold Aviators, Target


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