The Trio

1. My kids have iPads. I feel bad about that for exactly four seconds until we end up sprawled across my bed watching Monty Python videos on youtube together for three hours. Plus it makes it easier to drive in cars with them.

2. It takes a village to raise a child. But, don’t limit that village to family. Build a village of rad people you love, and let them show (not just tell) your children about love, art, music, humanity, good food, equality, the value of small moments and the strength in even seemingly smaller actions.We have an amazing village.

3. If your kids want to know where babies come from, let them play Sims3.

4. It’s okay to fail in front of your children. It makes them less afraid to try things. Just don’t try to pierce your own belly button in front of them after watching all the Real Worlds that happened before Las Vegas. It never ends well, no matter how much Juliana Hatfield you blare.

5. There’s no accurate manual for motherhood. But if there was, there’d definitely be a whole section on how to sneak alcohol into the theater every time a new Ice Age comes out.

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