When you tell people you want a giant moose head to mount above your fireplace, they get super judgey. Even if you totally just mean a moose whose head fell of naturally. Also they are impossible to find, I have no inside connections to Sarah Palin, and the ones I found online cost way more that I feel like I should have to pay for a dead head.

I finally broke down and bought Kyle last year, and I have to admit, he’s sometimes my most favorite person in this whole house.

And he’s easily the most festive.

I love Christmas, but it has a track record of being the time of year where my health goes to the shitter. I assume it’s because I spend a whole year over-extended and running around like a mad woman, so come December when I chill and take a breather, my body goes suck it, loser. This year is, sadly, no exception, and I feel exhausted and achey, but I refuse to be in the dumps this time of year.

So, in order to keep things merry and bright, aside from the bourbon slushies, even those are totally helping, I wanted to get you involved and kick things up a notch by offering you something that never fails to keep me in the Christmas spirit… a Kyle of your very own.

Yes, in the spirit of ho ho ho and mistletoe and eggnog and making out under mistletoe, which is allowed during Christmas as long as it’s with people you are either not related to or only related to by marriage, I’m giving away one faux modern moose head, in the color of your choice!

Because what says quirky awesome more than a moose in your signature hue!?

I reached out to an etsy shop and arranged for one lucky to reader to win a totally humane hand painted resin moose head of their very own to mount, love and drink with…. because yeah, fake mooses don’t judge and they make awesome drinking buddies.

All you have to do for a chance of winning a Kyle of your very own is tell me what name and color you’d pick for your moose. Want more chances to win? Comment with more name suggestions, and if you tweet or Facebook this contest, hell leave that in a separate comment, as well! The more comments, the more chances to win, that’s just basic math.

This contest runs until Sunday, December 16th 2012, at 5pm EST. You may enter as many times as you wish, just make sure to include your valid email address with each entry. One (1) winner will be randomly selected, and the prize awarded upon confirmation of winning within 24 hours. Due to the custom nature of this prize, please allow for your prize to be created and shipped directly from Tillie & Tweedle.

photos courtesy Tillie & Tweedle etsy shop, except for Kyle.

UPDATE: This contest is closed, congrats to the moose-head winner, Tristan Evans, who has ordered her moose in Black and naming in Severus. Obviously, I’m a bit huge fan!

Thanks to everyone for entering and I’ll be having another awesome give away later this week!



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