I thought I’d start to do little fashion sneak peeks on the occasion I actually dress myself to leave the house.

As seen in my most recent Spring Dress Up collection, I love white pants, which is in direct violation to the rule that curvy women should stay away from white and stick to black. Fuck that rule. A well fitting, non-see through pair of white pants are great for summer, can be totally slimming, and make me feel dressed up, even when I’m not.

White Flare Jeans, size 14/32 Long, Gap Outlet $59 (currently on sale for 20% off*)
Ruffle Denim Button Up, size XL, Gap on clearance in store for $15.99
Wide Braided Leather Belt, Lane Bryant
Brown Wedge Sandals, Target

*If you have a Gap Outlet near you, spend the $6 on the reusable bag. It’s super cute, plus you get 10% every time you bring it in to shop.

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