Poppy ate my glasses.

I got new ones.


Andy says I remind him of Lisa Loeb, which is good because she is on his list. The only girl I approve of, might I add. Unlike Megan Fox, Jenny McCarthy and the girl from Top Gun. I’ve told him four billion times Kelly McGillis is a lesbian.

But he says I have no room to argue because my list includes Christopher Plummer and Bill Murray. That’s called class, Andy.

Absolutely none of this is earth shattering.

I will be doing my long awaited hair tutorial on Sunday, be excited.

In the mean time, check out the post below to see how unromantic our romantic weekend was, and then definitely head over to Amuse Bouche to see all the hilarious things I have decided I want Andy to say to me.

This is basically his most favorite thing ever. (not.)

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