While I am mentally preparing for an upcoming, probably painful, permanent embellishment tomorrow, I wanted to share something with you.

Today is the first roll of the ball on some totally amazing things I have set to launch this year.

This will serve as the foundation on which I will be producing lots of other exciting, fun, quirky, engaging projects, both on my own and with some really, really amazing people.

I’ll still be here.  All the time.  That won’t change.

But, I’ll also be there.  Creating things.  Announcing projects.  Spitting rhymes.

I have no idea why I just said that.  I have almost no vocal rhythm.

I blame the inability to control the volume of my voice.

Regardless.  I’m very excited about the personal site, and even more excited about the new ventures to come!


***I want to thank the pants off Maria, my amazing designer, who still agrees to work with me, regardless of the fact that I am really, really bad at describing how I want things to look and function.   The site only exists because she gets me.  Thanks, Maria, for still answering my phone calls.

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