Ok, this is a total Valentines Day must for me, ever since my gorgeous friend Jen introduced the concept to me, I have been hooked, and have whipped them up ever since.

Because what is sexier on Valentines Day than eating some hot ass cookies!?


Anywasted, they are an absolute blast to decorate with all your lushy girlfriends, and only get better looking the drunker you get.

Step 1: Roll out some store bought (or if you are a better person than me, some from scratch) sugar cookie dough.

Step 2: Using your heart shaped cookie cutter, cut out as many hearts as you can fit, re-roll left over dough, repeat.

Step 3: Using a knife (this step is reserved for the people not yet too tipsy to handle a weapon), cut the point off the bottom of each heart cookie.

Step 4: Bake as directed.

Step 5: Once cooled, pull out all your fun frosting accessories, and decorate!

Step 6: When they are all done, pull out your camera and proceed to take drunken obscene cookie pictures that only you will think are funny the next day as you scroll through your memory card with a total hangover, snickering at the shots of you accepting the dare to put glitter frosting on your real, non cookie ass, totally confused as to why the damn dog won’t leave you the fuck alone the next day.

These cookies are magical.

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