Ok, I would love to now delve into an intricate story about how I make my sauce from scratch, from an ancient recipe passed down from my mother’s mother’s mother. Not the case, and since the Old Country to my family is Ireland…unless you want a good from scratch cabbage and potato recipe, bear with me:)

I do have a great Spaghetti sauce recipe, however, that my Oma and mom taught me, using store bought items. And trust me, it’s mouth watering!

1 Jar of Prego Spaghetti sauce (Go with your gut, but I always use the Supreme Mushroom)
1 small can of Hunts tomato paste
1/3 cup (?) of sugar
1.5 pounds of ground chuck

Ok, brown your meat like normal, drain.
Add the sauce and the entire small can of Hunts Tomato paste. The paste will give your sauce thickness and depth. It gives it that homemade feel.
Then, gasp, add a fist full (about 1/3 cup…I don’t measure anything, sorry!) of sugar, and mix everything together.

No one expects spaghetti sauce to be sweet, and they are always
1. pleasantly surprised.
B. Asking for thirds.
III. Begging me for the recipe, which I have never shared…until now.

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