I’m in Wisconsin for a day or two, it’s super warm, there’s cheese on everything, and all the roads have the word Packers in it.

I love it here!

So, I thought I would default to my built in Tumblr, Amuse Bouche, today for some good old WTF? entertainment.

I relive the absolutely scariest movies from my childhood.  Get ready for nightmares. y’all.

How to pull off the best surprise party ever!

Need therapy? ME TOO! Let’s do this together.

Brittany Scouts.  It’s a real thing.

Tweetdeck. Browsers are for cavemen. And AOL.

What I do at 3am.

OK admit it, your first car was embarrassing, too.

Brittany’s Breakfast Club.

The ultimate low carb food guide that doesn’t suck.

Kristie Swanson and I aren’t on speaking terms.

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