Elementary School. It’s not all limos and Happy Meals.

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Last week Gigi's midterm report came home informing me she recognized no letters or letter sounds, and she was unable to write her name. Which is weird because she definitely knew all those things going into her second year of preschool. A preschool that apparently bases it's curriculum on The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. [...]

Step 2: Ruining Your Life

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For the life of me, I cannot remember at what age I first felt embarrassed by my parents. I feel like it wasn't something I knew I was supposed to feel by myself, but rather, something someone else told me I was supposed to be feeling. Wanna ride with me and my mom for the [...]

The Most Productive Worst Day Ever.

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I like to pretend that I am in charge of absolutely everything that happens in this house. With the exception of things that take place on the phone, like scheduling appointments or ordering Indian food, I have it handled. I plan the vacations, I pick out the furniture, I make the dinner. It's partially because [...]