Raising Geeks

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Growing up, I wanted to have two kids. A boy named Josh and a girl named Mercedes. Josh would naturally be the big man on campus, and when I say that, imagine me saying it the way your grandmother says it when she asks you about school. "How's school, Josh? I assume you're the big man [...]

A Day of Yes

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I say no a lot. I mean I say no to my kids a lot. Strangers and friends who I care considerably less about, I seem to struggle with limits an nos, and yet my kids, no is almost reflexive at this point. Hey mom can- Nope. Hey Brittany, can you fly in to do [...]

Elementary School. It’s not all limos and Happy Meals.

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Last week Gigi's midterm report came home informing me she recognized no letters or letter sounds, and she was unable to write her name. Which is weird because she definitely knew all those things going into her second year of preschool. A preschool that apparently bases it's curriculum on The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. [...]

The Running Tally of Happiness & Fulfillment

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1. I'm thankful for the boxes of Ritz crackers dipped in chocolate. 2. I'm thankful that my kids don't like Minecraft, because I have no fucking idea what's going on when we play it and it gives me nightmares. 3. I'm thankful Andy is willing to live with a writer, and never questions when he [...]

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