Because I am better at this than you are.

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Why am I in charge of smelling everything?Hubby: Do you think son #1 pooped?Me (cooking dinner): I would have no idea.He then walks up to me, holding said son, and puts his diapered butt in my face. Um, yeah...smells like poop.Hubby: Which one of these is a formula bottle, and which one is a milk [...]

Thank you Dark Continent! Goodnight!

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Ok, what is sexier than a rock star? You know, messy hair, 5 o'clock shadow, ripped jeans, tattoos, smelling of old whiskey and angst, up on stage, playing the guitar. Everyone woman loves them, and every guys wants to be them. They are pure sex. Ya know whats not pure sex? Sitting on a smelly [...]

Give Me the Simple Life

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Let me start off by saying, my day would kick your day's ass, ANY day of the week. Typically, I am up at 4am, while the irish twins and spouse are still snoring away. I dread heading into the den, cleaning up whatever random snackings my husband left on the desk after a late night [...]

I think I just threw up in my mouth.

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Me: Oh, you're up! I am going to make pancakes for breakfast. Want me to throw in some blue berries or bana...wait...what are you eating?Hub: What, oh just a snack, nachos.Me: Those don't look like nachos, they look weird. What's on them?Hub: Cheese. And some cut up hotdog I found in the drawer.Me: First, that [...]