Waiting rooms and Mennonites.

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Oh hai, vasectomy check-in admissions lady. It's 7am. I got dressed in the dark to be here today. My hair is a rat's nest and I am wearing a leopard print bra under my white tank top and some juicy sweatpants. Not that it's your job or anything, but a little advance warning would have been [...]


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So, six weeks ago, this little piece of girly yumminess popped out of me. Ok, not so much popped, as exploded out, leaving in her wake, total and utter vaginal destruction. But I'd hate for the horrific reality to overshadow her cuteness. Regardless of the gory details, she's here. And for six weeks, we have [...]

Extra postage.

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Five days ago today, I asked my husband to mail out a package for me. It' s just hard for me to get out these days. Unless it's for burritos riddled with guacamole. Or milkshakes. Or any food, really. But, mundane tasks that don't involve a drive through are just a bit too much for [...]

4 years ago today.

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13 years ago, I met him. He was quiet, played golf and liked to wear shoes.I let him kiss me and be my boyfriend anyways.We fell completely in love.He asked me to marry him.(I said yes.)It was a fabulous evening of dancing, drinking, chinese food and poker.Complete bliss.4 years have passed, and we've had laughing, [...]

A bit of a rambler at 3am.

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A road in the middle of nowhere. 3:30am. Officer: License and registration ma'am. Me: Ma'am? (Ok, apparently I look like an old ma'am when I wear my glasses, no bra and dirty sweatpants) Here. Officer: Have you been drinking this evening? Me: Um...I'm pregnant. Officer: ... Me: So........no. Officer: Coming from a party? Me: (looks [...]

Women’s Intuition

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You know those girls? The ones you see when you are in line for a movie, or out to dinner, or at a birthday party of some college friend you barely talk to anymore. You can always hear them come in, super loud and giggly, and always ultra shiny and glossed up. You know who [...]

Rubber boots beyond this point

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So much good news going around.Our new President-Elect, who fills me with hope, pride and excitement. A growing baby inside me that fills me with...well...mostly gas and food, but there is some joy mixed in, too. And our local radio station is already alive with Christmas music, my favorite!And yet...something foul has been quietly festering [...]