Big (Girl) Idea

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Here's a thought.  How about a TV show where the girl is heavier than the guy?  And we all act like it's completely normal, and no one makes fun of her weight or talks about how lucky she is for landing someone skinny, therefore, way more attractive and socially acceptable than her self? You know.  [...]

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Muskrat, muskrat candlelight Doin' the town and doin' it right In the evenin' It's pretty pleasin' Really?  Because if you ask me, the evenings around here are pretty fucking disgusting. There is nothing sexy about muskrat love, and I know, because for eight months, I have had a front row seat to the seedy underbelly [...]


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If I'm pregnant, it's Joe Biden fault. It's not his fault that we never went back and did the post vasectomy test.  That was mainly just laziness on our part.  And logistically, well, the whole thing just sounded entirely too yucky for me. It's also not his fault that my period is wacky right now [...]


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In my experience, nothing extraordinary ever happens at 4am. When I was a teenager, it was sneaking back into my bedroom window before dawn, praying my mama wasn't waiting in my room threatening to send me to a convent where they don't allow push-up bras or wine coolers. In college, it meant drunk food at [...]


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I've talked about tattoos before. I have a love affair with tattoos. Not the obnoxious, in your face kind. The special ones. Reserved for the most precious of reasons. I'm not poetic about very many things, but there is something impossibly romantic about the thought of etching a memory permanently into your flesh. Which says [...]


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I have really strong beliefs about marriage and monogamy. Not in the extreme right, Carrie Prejean kind of way. Two dudes, two ladies, I don't care.  As long as they are of age and one of them is not Charlie Sheen, they have my blessing. Extra blessings if I can be the Maid of Honor [...]

Romance is dead. Apparently.

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We had just had one of those really uncomfortable talks. The one where I explain that sometimes I want a back rub because my back hurts.  And, not because I want to have sex. How, for women, it's 80% mental. That I need wooing and hand holding and talking about things that aren't 24 or [...]

For Andy.

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I met Andy when I was 15. He got in a car accident in front of my house at the start of summer, walked up and asked to use the phone, and he never left. Before Andy, I had mix of odds and ends boyfriends. Mostly just good for kissing and driving me around. Andy [...]

Driving Miss Crazy. Ok, that is the most hilarious blog title ever. It’s actually getting less and less funny as time passes, and I would change it, but titling my posts is my worst skill. Next to softball.

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Did you took me three tries to pass my driving test? It's true.  And, by the third attempt, I was so convinced I was never going to pass and would have to be driven around, by my dad, for the rest of my life, I didn't even look cute that day. And then I [...]