Road Poetry

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In case you missed it, we're on the road. Driving from Ohio to Florida, because we just really enjoy doing that with three kids 5 and under. We've decided to escape for a week or so, which sounds way more romantic and mysterious than... Andy was going to lose his vacation days, my house is [...]

Tales from the Road Part 2: I’m broke.

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When Andy came back from Korea, he had 80,000 won  in his pocket. Which sounds like a lot, but it really it's only, like $70. Wouldn't it be awesome if Disney World money was like Korea money? I don't know what it is. You go there with every rational thought and plan in the world. [...]

I don’t remember the part of our vows where I was the one nominated to be in charge of keeping everyone alive.

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Why are we all in the shower with you, mom? I was just asking myself that same question, Wyatt. Who decided I am allowed to be left alone for a week with three children? Someone drunk, apparently. Last night it stormed.  Super loudly.  It was the Donald Trump of storms. I was all, seriously, storm, [...]