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Sunday I fly out to Wisconsin, and thus starts the annual cycle of fear. I've talked way too many times before about my fear of flight, but it didn't occur to me, until recently, how my fear of flight was effecting others. Color me selfish, y'all, but it turns out, people hate traveling with me, [...]

About Utah, Part Two: Signs.

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Disclaimer:  I like to tell stories out of order. This summer, I have spent more time in my crawl space than any other summer before. I asked my mom if she had ever seen this obscene amount of severe weather before, because older generations like to relive stuff and tell old people stories.  She said [...]

Jesus doesn’t frown on a lot of things, but I am pretty sure he hates airplanes. And the new Melrose Place. That show is horrible.

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Next week I leave.  On an airplane. This?  Is where I convulse, shake uncontrollably, and then vomit on my keyboard. I just don't think it's natural for things to be floating in the air. Back in the 80's, when the news was all, we're all gonna have flying cars by the year 2000, I was [...]