Catching Fire… The Movie

HungerGames Bracelet

A week ago, my girls and I had a fun night out of Chinese food and the latest Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire. If you read my book review, you might remember Catching Fire was my least favorite of the Hunger Games Trilogy. The "New Moon" of Hunger Games, if you will, aka, suckville. I had very low expectations for this movie, as evidence by the amount of alcohol I consumed before showtime, and to be honest, I was kinda dreading it. I remember how angsty I was when I read they had to go back … [Continue reading...]

The Running Tally of Happiness & Fulfillment

Trio Color

1. I'm thankful for the boxes of Ritz crackers dipped in chocolate. 2. I'm thankful that my kids don't like Minecraft, because I have no fucking idea what's going on when we play it and it gives me nightmares. 3. I'm thankful Andy is willing to live with a writer, and never questions when he finds me up at 3am sorting socks and talking about replacing all the carpet in the house with wood, because he knows avoidance is all part of the process. 4. I'm thankful headphones are a thing again, … [Continue reading...]

Women Who Made The World Happier… And Me Verklempt

Ladies Home Journal Inside

Ladies Home Journal just shared their list of 16 women who made the world happier this year. Scout Leader Connie Bell, Therapy Dog trainer Marcie Beedy, Spanx Founder Sara Blakely, Female Bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd, Opera Singer Camille Zamora, Shoes That Fit Founder Jill Calhoun, Model Cameron Russell, Inventor Veronika Scott, J. Crew Designer Jenna Lyons, Playwright Raegan Payne, Party Guru Helen Jane Hearn, Make A Wisher Granter Laura McHolm, Cancer Ass Kicker Nicole Graham, Educating … [Continue reading...]

Thanksgiving Dressing

Sweater Leggings

Over the river and through the woods... It's almost Thanksgiving, and if was up to me, the only requirement would be a hair tie and my eating sweats, but in my house, it's a holiday that requires a touch of decorum, and an underwire bra. I mean, we're rarely fancy, but I like to eat warm turkey in pretty clothes, and save the leggings for Black Friday eating it cold out of a zip lock bag. We all have our traditions. In fact, it's been my goal over the last three years to turn holidays into an … [Continue reading...]