DIY Marquee Camp Letters

DIY Marquee Letters

Nothing adds a bit of pizzazz like┬ásome flashy marquee letters. Unfortunately, while Etsy offers oodles of them, they are largely out of my price range, and by my price range, I mean the amount Andy will confidently agree that I should spend on light up letters for a 4 day event. Commence project DIY. I found a few different tutorials available online, and mostly adhered to this one on Ruffled, but I wanted to break things down a bit more, adding in specifics and more detail where it could … [Continue reading...]

What I Wore: Summer Boho

Summer Boho Tie Dye

Sometimes I feel like I was supposed to have been born an Olsen. Like the 4th fat one, who's super excited for her sisters' successes, but┬áhas no interest in Hollywood and instead stayed home to work at a bank or something. The boho gene is strong in me. I have fun dressing up in girly dresses and sexy heels every now and then, but Coachella Ohio is my jam. Flowy, earthy and easy. Since I don't embrace shorts, I have to look for other ways to keep cool and show some skin in the heat, which I'd … [Continue reading...]

Dear Homeowners…

Dear Homeowners, I've been using Google earth and I like what I see. How about you move out and sell all your stuff to me? Love, Brittany, future homeowner (Maybe? Say yes?) "That sounds creepy." Andy furrows his brow next to me at our dining room table. "It rhymes, and it's endearing." I assured him. "It's like getting a letter from Dr. Seuss in the mail. Surprise, gather your belongs, here's some nostalgic rhyming and a handful of dollars! Who doesn't want that mail?" The house sits … [Continue reading...]

The Death of Pregnancy License

Opening this text window feels weird, but also like home. So like weird home. Or, you know, normal home, because what home isn't weird? Anyways, here we are together, on the internet. First of all, I have book mono. It's a legitimate thing. You get it one of two ways. From open mouth kissing your kindle, because seriously, that thing is filthy. You take it into the bathroom, you are lying to yourself if you don't think there is poop all over it. Plus, I read online once that when you flush … [Continue reading...]

Overage Drinking

We spent Easter in a family owned restaurant in Erie Michigan, and as we placed our drink orders at the bar before taking our seats - as Catholics are wont to do - I became intimidated by the requests for Manhattans and Whiskeys on the rocks and Dry Martinis, so I panicked and ordered a frozen Pina Colada... on purpose... at 1pm... and celebrated the day Jesus came back with a glass shaped like a boot filled with frozen coconut and rum and at least three colored umbrellas and a pile of fruit on … [Continue reading...]