Facebook Faux Pas

November 22, 2011
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We live in the age of technology. Everywhere we turn there are new smart phones, computers, tablets and other coveted electronic devices that will make our daily life more mobile. The advances in technology have made it easier for us all to keep in touch with friends and family without ever having to pick up […]

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Emails to my Daughter: A Virtual Scrapbook.

November 8, 2011
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I suck at scrapbooking. Don’t get me wrong, I make amazing and beautiful pages. But what I really suck at is actually carving out the time to set out my stuff and work on the scrapbooks for my kids. I figured, the books were really for me anyway, right? So then, I switched the digital […]

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Creating Your Own Photoshop Actions

October 27, 2011
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Last month I showed you how to use Actions to enhance your photos. As I mentioned in that tutorial, I love the actions that are available all over the internet, but it’s great to be able to create your own actions that are custom fit to your needs. Once you have a general understanding of […]

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Must-Have Search Engine Optimization Tips For Your Website or Blog

October 6, 2011

If you’ve been in the online community for more than half a second, you’ve heard the buzz words “Search Engine Marketing” (SEM) and “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO). Many people have no idea what those mean or why they are important to them, and neither did I…until I did some research and found out how incredibly […]

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Enhancing Your Photos With Actions

September 1, 2011

You have heard of a little program called Adobe Photoshop, right? I know it isn’t for everyone, but I love it. I have been using Photoshop for about seventeen years now and one of my favorite things about Photoshop are the Actions. Do you know how awesome these things are? Not only can they enhance […]

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My Biggest Fear: Fractions in Photography

August 24, 2011

When I was 12 my Mom and Dad brushed off an old Minolta SLR camera and showed me a few of the settings before a family trip to some famous tulip gardens in Holland. They gave me two rolls of film and patiently waited while I set up my shots, focusing in on rows of […]

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Finally, Smart Phones Are Getting Smarter

August 8, 2011

I have been addicted to my smart phone for about three years now. And I love it when I discover an app that I can’t live without. Seriously, what did we do before Words With Friends?! Recently I have been scouring the Internet looking for the newest, coolest, and most functional apps for my trusty […]

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Photo Inspiration: Taking Awesome Summer Photos

July 18, 2011

As a photographer I absolutely love summer-time.  The world around us is bright and filled with vivid color, especially so in the summer months.   The quality of the light, with longer daylight hours, makes  it ideal for taking beautiful photos of family, friends, and places of interest. There’s so much to learn about photography and […]

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What’s in an Avatar?

June 23, 2011

It’s a digital world, and avatars and head-shots have become the first impression you present to the world. From social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, to blogs and forums, to professional and career-based networks like LinkedIn, your picture is a representation of who you are online. Interviewing for a job? They may look you […]

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