Four Photo-Editing Alternatives to Picnik

May 9, 2012

When web-based photo editing tool Picnik closed down earlier this month, it was a sad day for fans like me. Although it had a stand-alone site, I particularly loved that it was integrated right into Flickr. It was easy to upload large batches of photos to edit, create collages and import into Facebook. I could […]

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Pottermore 101

April 20, 2012

Last July the permanent home of the wizarding world of Harry Potter opened with few invitations and a lot of chatter – what was this website, Pottermore, and what (if anything) was it going to offer to the fans of Harry, Ron and Hermione? Invitations to join Pottermore were slow and those who finally got […]

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How To Be An Instagram Whiz in 10 Easy Steps

April 17, 2012

Over the past few months the world has gone Instagram-crazy. I see people snapping their food, their feet and more often than not, the sky. OK, I confess, I do too. Everybody’s doing it. In April alone we saw Facebook buy Instagram, in the same week that the team released the app to Android phones. […]

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How To Create An Animated GIF

April 12, 2012

Whether made from illustrations or photographs, animated .gifs can be fun little storytellers or smile makers. Even better is that it is easy to create an animated .gif. In just a few minutes and ten easy steps, you can create your very own super-spectacular animated gifs. There are several resources for creating animated gifs available […]

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EnemyGraph: Can’t We All Just Get Along…On Facebook?

April 5, 2012

List your enemies.  Do you have any?  If so, stop and evaluate what happened to your emotions the second you thought of someone you regarded as an “enemy.”  Chances are, your emotions were not light and fluffy, but rather, ranged from anger to fear to anxiety to hate. Not desirable emotions, or ones that I enjoy feeling. […]

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The Politics of Pinterest

March 7, 2012
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Pinterest… have you heard of it? It is this great new visual tool….I kid, I kid. Everyone has heard of Pinterest, the newest thing since sliced bread Twitter, and it has taken social media by storm. Of course after its initial surge to popularity and mass following by just about everyone, some of its problems […]

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Better Photographs Using the Rule of Thirds

March 1, 2012
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You don’t have to have a fancy camera to take good photographs. What you do need however, is an understanding of some basic composition techniques. One of first things I teach my students about when it comes to composing photographs is the Rule of Thirds. Understanding this very simple compositional guideline can change a blah […]

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Tutorial: How to subscribe to Craigslist’s RSS feeds

December 2, 2011
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I’m a Craigslist addict. I’ve bought and sold baby gear, furniture and concert tickets on Craigslist. We found our current rental home there, and up until recently, I’d regularly check Craigslist for additional items to furnish our new place. Every few days I’d search for the items on my wishlist, things like Ikea bookshelves that […]

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Curvy Girl Guide to Gift Giving: Geekery

December 1, 2011
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It’s the year of the geek, and being the epitome of geekery, we at the Curvy Girl Guide just loved putting together today’s gift guide.  The only problem was limiting it to just 8 items! We’ve put together a list of rad items to appeal to every type of geek and budget! Happy shopping! 1. […]

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QR Codes: Not Just For The Uber Geeks

November 29, 2011
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I’m going to teach you something cool today.  QR codes are those weird bar code things you keep seeing on everything, and they totally rock. Go grab your smart phone.  I’ll wait. Are you back? Okay, next I want you to go to the application store and download a QR scanner. Here’s some popular options: […]

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