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Curvy Girl Guide’s 2nd Annual Swimsuit Confidence Week With Lands’ End

May 15, 2012

Announced this morning, the writers of Curvy Girl Guide are partnering with Lands’ End, SELF Magazine, and breast cancer survivor community, Beyond the Boobie Trap to bring back Swimsuit Confidence Week, May 21-25. In our 2nd annual celebration of being swimsuit confident, we are excited to have SELF Magazine join in with us as we show […]

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Camera Bags We Love!

May 15, 2012

My first camera bag was a cumbersome tan and black contraption with bulky straps and clips and zippers. It was far from pretty and screamed “touristy lady with a camera over here” regardless of where I was taking photographs. It was a bit embarrassing. But that was twenty years ago; camera bags have come a […]

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After the Vows, Trashing the Dress!

May 4, 2012

It is an age old question: what do you do with your wedding dress after the wedding? The combination of the price of the dress, the inability to wear it again and the sentimental value makes every bride wonder how to store or reuse this special frock. After all this was the dress, picked out […]

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Hair Accessories: The Key to Combating a Bad Hair Day

April 30, 2012

Bad hair days, we all have them, heck, I have lots of them. And since I don’t always have time to run to the salon, or shave my head bald, a quick fix for me has always been rocking a headband or fab hair accessory. When I add a headband to an outfit, it automatically […]

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Maxi Dresses We Love

April 26, 2012

Summertime is almost here! It’s finally time to pack up the tall boots, wool sweaters, and heavy jackets from your closet and bring out the lightweight casual dresses, bright colored flip flop flats, and wide brim straw hats.  You have outdoor parties to attend, errands around town to run, and beaches to stroll down. Whatever […]

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2012 Fashion Trends We Love & Hate

April 19, 2012

With spring and summer fashions hitting the runways and stores, we have a whole new list of trends- and again, some of them we love and others have left us scratching our heads.

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Summer Clothing Looks That Keep Your Arms Covered

April 11, 2012

There are lots of things that I like about my body. For example, I think I have nice legs and can get away with short skirts. I’m not a size zero and I have learned how to dress my curves through much trial and error. I mean I once wore red pleather pants while I sang in […]

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The Fitting Room Diaries

April 9, 2012

We’ve all been there – standing in a fitting room, hating the reflection we see in the mirror, slowly turning and realizing there is no way this outfit is going to work when you look down and realize the floor you are standing on is filthy. Perhaps you glance up and notice the once white […]

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Building Your Work Wardrobe

April 4, 2012

If you work from home, you have the luxury of being able work in yoga pants. If you work in an office environment, however, yoga pants are usually frowned upon. Dressing appropriately for the office can sometimes be tricky, depending on office dress codes and/or unspoken rules. At the very worst, inappropriate work attire can […]

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Our Spring Dress Guide

March 29, 2012

Flowers are starting to bloom again. The chill in the air has begun to turn warm. My hidden candy stash is filled with Cadbury Creme Eggs. Spring is here, and with it comes a chance to spruce up your wardrobe with some oh-too-cute dresses. Whether you’re in a cooler climate where you may need to […]

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