Girl Talk

Dear Scared Girl…

August 6, 2014

I am not going to lie to you; the next ten years of your life will the the hardest years of your life. You will be beaten down, challenged, tossed around, stomped on and at times it will hurt so much that you will do nearly anything to get the pain to end, to make […]

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Recovering Skinny B*tch

August 2, 2013

Hi. I’m Amber. I’m a recovering Skinny Bitch. And by recovering, I mean, I live shakily in a tipsy world choosing whether to be a kind, open human being or a bite-your-head-off, snarky asshole. I’m 5’1”. I weigh 135 pounds. I’m a size 6, unless it’s winter and my workouts have taken a hit, then I slide into […]

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Females Just As Mathematically Capable As Males

March 25, 2013

When I was in junior high, my class was asked to write a paper analyzing the results of research we conducted independently. As 12-year-olds, our research wasn’t methodologically correct, but that wasn’t the point. We were supposed to get interested in a phenomenon and study it as best we could from start to finish. Budding […]

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Some Like It Curvy: The Ashley Madison Edition

March 15, 2013

I have this face. A face that says, “Tell me all of your secrets.” And this total stranger, sitting in the waiting room with me at my doctor’s office—she told me her biggest secret. I don’t know why I am going to tell you this, but I just need to tell a woman. Any woman. […]

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The F Word

February 25, 2013

You know, feminist. In my head I like to call myself a feminist. I am a strong woman with a very particular set of beliefs regarding women in society. I think a societal patriarchy has no place in the modern world. I think there should be no expectations as to what young girls and boys […]

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That Time I Walked Into Planned Parenthood On A Friday

February 13, 2013

Sometimes I get so annoyed with my sisters. They just don’t know what it’s like. You see, they are both members of the group of kids who got to stay on their parent’s insurance long after the people of my age group were unceremoniously dumped. I was just 20 years old when I was forced […]

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Changing the Conversation About Sexual Assault

December 27, 2012

At this time 10 years ago I was almost finished with my first semester of my freshman year of college. During the first week we were there, all freshman were required to attend a sexual assault orientation. The first portion was a lot of statistics about rape and college students and information about where to […]

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No Means No: Own Your “No”

December 10, 2012

This year for our post-Thanksgiving movie-watching tradition, my husband and I picked Major League. I remember enjoying it when I was younger, and was longing for a movie where the comic underpinnings didn’t rely solely on fart jokes and body humor. So we put on PJs and curled up with the movie on. It was […]

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GoldieBlox: The Toy Invention You Should Love

December 6, 2012

Have you heard the buzz about GoldieBlox, the construction toy and book series about Goldie the (female) kid inventor? If you haven’t I implore you to check out this video that might or might not cause fist pumping or tears, depending on your underlying mood: GoldieBlox appeared as an idea on Kickstarter which is a funding […]

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Why I Didn’t Take My Husband’s Last Name

October 25, 2012

I had the idea of how I wanted an ideal marriage to go long before I ever conceded that I myself might get married one day. I didn’t want kids, and on most days still don’t. I wanted a husband who took as much responsibility for the house as I did. I never would tolerate […]

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